We Could Be Your Best React Native Partner; Here’s Why!

Since its release (2015 by Facebook), React-Native has been immensely used by many app development agencies globally that build cross-platform Apps for its clients.

The specialty of this framework is its easy-to-integrate codebase. The React Native supports multiplatform. F.e, You can use this open-source framework to build Android and IOS applications. Also, it is merely adopted by developers while transforming Android apps to IOS and vice-versa.

React Native is in many ways become the prime choice for many organizations in building fast, reliable, user-friendly cross-platform Apps that deliver a delightful and engaging user experience to their users.

In this blog, we will reveal the detail of how you will get benefitted from using React-Native for your next project and how the Metizsoft Solutions can help you?

Benefits of Using React Native

React Native is a JavaScript-based open-source framework used to create responsive and robust mobile applications. It has massive 3rd party community support, making developers work more accessible to find solutions quickly.

Also, it comes with single-code base functionality that developers can work profoundly in both Android and IOS app development. They don’t have to write different codes for the separate App development process.

If you are thinking about adopting React-Native for your mobile app development, pay close attention to some critical benefits enlisted below:

Cost – Effective

As mentioned above, React-Native comes with a single code base configuration, only different API components and libraries, making it both time and cost-effective. You don’t have to pay extras to your hired developers for writing other codebases.

Cross – Platform

One of the prime aspects of the rise of React-Native as the best App development framework is its cross-platform functionality. Its codebase can be merged with both Android and IOS app creation.

Easy to use UI

React Native is a framework created by Facebook. So it is unlike to have more customization possibilities in navigation components. Unlike many, you can create an appealing user interface that will grab the audience’s attention on the first look.

Large Community Support

React Native has extensive third-party community support, making it the most reliable and developer-friendly open-source framework. You can get an instant solution on Github every time you get stuck over an issue.

Reasonable ROI (Return on Investment)

As React Native is cross-platform-centric, you can easily catch up with your App’s Android and IOS customer base and benefit from their usability. Also, it’s likely cheaper than other frameworks, so anyhow, you will end up generating a good amount of ROI.

How can Metizsoft Help you Deliver the Best Mobile App Using React Native?

Since its release, Matizsoft Solution has adopted React-Native to its core mobile app development. Over the years, we hired many high skilled react developers that have proven track records of developing high-quality Android and IOS apps.

Their enthusiasm and ability to handle vulnerability helped us deliver multiple projects, including React-Native, it’s core programming languages.

Whether working on new projects or re-innovating the old, we ensure compatibility in each step of the App development process.

So far, we have done projects, including React Native – Firebase Integration, Barcode scanning facility, Geofencing (For better customer support), Warehouse Management System, Chart JavaScript Libraries for high user experience.

The above applications are well adopted by small and medium-sized organizations that prefer to deliver a seamless customer experience in an advanced manner.

Our React-Native App Development Process Includes

No project can be done overnight or without planning. While working on a React Native project, we ensure proper analysis and follow several case studies for better understanding.

Our developers are well aware of the complexities during the development process, and that’s why we keep it simple and precise right from the beginning. Our process includes:

Planning- As stated above, no project can happen overnight; that’s why we prepare a blueprint for a better understanding of roles and responsibilities before jumping into the development process.

Designing – After planning, we discuss the design of the App. What feature is more relevant, and how efficiently user role around the App. Upon finalizing, we start working on the design of the App.

Development – The development process includes coding, so we left that to enthusiasts. They relevantly add APIs and libraries accordingly, keeping in mind the security and scalability of the App.

Testing – Upon completion of the development part, our tester runs several tests on different platforms to check the App’s compatibility, how it works, and if any bug occurs to fix at the early stage.

Delivery – The final stage comes as delivery of the App to the relevant client. We also enhance maintenance support at the early stage of the App’s deployment to make it reliable and user-friendly.

What Makes Us Unique, And Why Rely On Us?

We are a result-driven React Native App Development Company with some best deliverables over the past couple of years. Working with us will help you explore a dedicated team of React-Native developers who are determined enough to build your App that meets all high-tech criteria.

React Native apps are working efficiently. Many big, small organizations have run their apps on the play store; referring to that, we will help you build the desired Apps that will give you a bleeding edge over your competitors on the global market.

We Could Be Your Best React Native Partner; Here’s Why!

Chetan Patel

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