Sabji online-An App for scaling your fruit and vegetable business

This mobile application can do wonders and grow your fruit and vegetable business. People have become so busy these days that they are adopting new ways of buying sabji rather than traditional buying method by physically visiting the market. They have now started buying fruits and vegetables online which saves their time as well as efforts.

The ‘sabji’ app is built with React native framework and works as a bridge between customers and sellers as they can buy and sell vegetables and fruits online.

Let us give you an insight of the features that this app has-

Built for Android

Build for iOS


Country India

User Panel

Features that this app provides for the user panel are following-
  • User can create an account on this app. He can log in and create an account with username and password.
  • This app also allows the users to login directly through social media
  • They can also make an entry of the payment of the water bottles
  • User can choose a specific category of products which he would like to shop
  • User can save any item or product and buy it later
  • Any specific product can be added to the cart.
  • The app has multiple payment options such as COD, debit and credit cards, mobile wallets etc.
  • A user can give reviews and ratings to any specific product.
  • A user can use the discounts/coupons given on the specific products.
  • The app can also be referred to friends and family by the user.
The app also has easy return policy in case the users received any damaged product.
The ‘sabji’ app is built with React native framework and works as a bridge between customers and sellers as they can buy and sell vegetables and fruits online.

Admin Panel

Features that the app provides for admin panel are following-
  • Admin will be able to login in the backend application
  • Admin will be able to check the quick overview of the platform on the dashboard
  • The admin can approve or disapprove the returns, replacements and refunds. .
  • Admin has to manage all application content.
  • Admin will manage all the payment transactions occurring on the application.
  • Admin can add the products in the app from the admin panel. He can also enable or disable any product.

Grocery Delivery App Panel

There also has to be a platform which helps the business for delivery prospects. This app will be able to ensure timeline and deliveries along with the delivery confirmation. This help will be used by the delivery boy. Here are some of the features of delivery app panel that this app has-
  • Delivery boy login
  • Delivery tacking
  • Route optimization
  • Signature feature
  • Return process from the app.

This grocery delivery mobile app named ‘sabji app’ is a simple and easy way to buy vegetables and fruits online in the digitalized world. The app has many features to look forward to. The cost of the app depends on the features it has and the utilities it provides. This app can also be customized as per the unique requirements and needs of the clients. Online grocery apps like sabji simplifies people’s lives and make the whole concept of buying and selling easier with just a few clicks.

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