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Discover the Funny Side of Metizsoft Solution While We Continue Working For You!

“A Team That Smile, Dance, Eat and Travel Together Share a Great Bond.”

Authentic leadership is about rewarding your employees/colleagues with outings, team lunch dates and functional gatherings once in a while to help them maintain the work, personal and social life balance. At Metisoft Solution, we firmly believe in taking care of our employees’ mental health and joining with them for many cherishable activities throughout the year.

A Glimpse of Us, Metizians Happy Hours At work?

A Result-Driven Team That Ensures Constructive Solutions:

We have a family of more than 100 members whose experience ranges from 1 to 15 years and raise the professionalism bar with sheer commitment, consistency and excellence. We are great communicators, assuring on-demand constructive solutions for your project.

Want to be a part of our forthcoming fun events?

We always prefer those individuals with a funny side and friendly nature. Moreover, we won’t mind cheering for your hobbies and out-of-box skills during outings and fun activities. 

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Metizsoft Annual Meetup 2022
Jevantara club & Spa Resort - Udaipur

MeetUp 2022 - Metizsoft

10TH Anniversery celebration



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Metizsoft trip
Kumbhalgarh Trip -2021

Diwali Celebrations – 2021

Metizsoft trip
UDAIPUR Trip -2021

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