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React Native – A JavaScript-based open-source framework developed by Facebook (renamed META) in 2015. It is known to be the most used cross-platform framework, which lets developers leverage their single codebase to build highly scalable iOS and Android mobile applications concurrently. React Native has been on the elite framework list due to its dynamic modular features, cost-effective solutions offerings and extensive community support worldwide.

The integration of JavaScript has helped developers rapidly and efficiently adapt to its core functionalities, packages, APIs and configuration. Moreover, React native consists of massive community support, making updates and changes easy to find and consult via various platforms. If you plan to develop your mobile application (iOS & Android) using the best framework, then without a second thought, React Native framework should be your go-to option, period.

Metizsoft Solutions, a leading React Native App Development Company, has consistently provided business owners with the best React Native development services globally. We have the most versatile and dynamic team of mobile app developers who assure seamless implication of React Native app development services in different industries and domains.

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Core Expertise of Our React Native Developers!

We have a core team of young and experienced React Native professionals who carry extensive theoretical and industrial practice in React Native, ensuring a result-oriented and streamlined app development roadmap. You can hire dedicated React Native developers from Metizsoft Solution to benefit from React Native mobile app development services, such as:


Research & Strategy

Upon approaching us for your mobile app development with React Native, we kick start the campaign with extensive research and competitor analysis and prepare a result-driven strategy relevant to your project vision.  

UI/UX Design

Our dedicated React Native developers aligned the best HTML, CSS and JavaScript practices into the latest React native configuration and libraries to make your app’s user interface reliable and user-friendly. 


Enterprise Development

During the app development procedure, we assure you get full access to our development team for smooth and hassle-free collaboration to see, discuss and suggest changes and updates per your requirement.

QA Testing

 Our testing team runs multiple AB tests of your app, checking its flexibility and credibility on different devices. If any bug is found, they immediately send it back to the development team and ensure a quick solution. 


Our React Native App Development Service Offering Includes:


iOS App Development

With the help of Xcode and React Native CLI as an npm package, our developers can help you build the best version of an iOS application that ensures similar efficiency and capabilities as Swift.  



The developers, use React on the web — declarative self-contained UI components and a fast development cycle to render dynamic, all device-friendly Android applications.


React Native Consultation

We have React Native experts whose experience ranges from 1-6, who first understand your project vision and assures seamless consultation, nurturing every angle with the best possible solution.



Cross-platform App Development

React Native has been the go-to option for Android and iOS due t its reusable single codebase, which has significantly reduced the development cost, time and effort of developers and clients.


React Native Migration

Our React Native enthusiasts will help you migrate your current Android and iOS applications into React Native applications using end-to-end migration methods and architecture.


React Native Support & Maintenance

You will get quality app support and maintenance on your app as we understand the development, testing and deployment complexities. We are ready to guide you at any given time.

What Makes Metizsoft Solution a Reliable React Native App Development Company?

Our step-by-step React Native Development Services Consist

Review & Planning

When you trust us with your project, we pay back the trust with a complete review of it from upside down and prepare the most relevant and comprehensive plan to make it a grand success from beginning to end.

Design & Development

We have maestro developers who have mastered the art of implying the best coding methodologies and architecture to create appealing and smooth functioning mobile applications of your vision.

App Testing & Submission

Your app will get tested multiple times before final execution on Play Store and App Store. During testing, the team ensures to make it error and bug-free from every perspective to give users a seamless experience. 

Play Store Submission

When you Hire React Native App Developer from Metizsoft, one thing is inevitable you will get complete access to our developers’ community to get real-time updates and suggest changes accordingly.  

Key Components That Make React Native the Best Mobile App Development Framework!

Resuable code

React Native comes with a single codebase, allowing developers to build dynamic and user-friendly iOS and Android Apps simultaneously. You can reuse almost 90% of React Native code, period.

Real-Time Feedback

The “Live Reloading” in React Native allows developers to see real-time changes they’ve made during the development. It enhances the overall development process, leading to better time management.

Modular Architecture

React Native have a modular architecture feature that allows developers to sneak peek into the third-party codebase and contribute accordingly. It helps them adapt to changes and updates faster.

Improved Performance

React Native is nothing less than advanced features, packages, APIs and libraries you get from Java, Objective-C and Kotlin build mobile apps. You will love building apps once you get used to their advancements.

What have we done with React Native so far?

Firebase Integration
Barcode Scanning Facility
Geofencing for better customer connect
Warehouse Management System
Chart JavaScript Libraries for high user experience

It's Your Turn to Join The League!

React Native Development enables businesses to accelerate building apps across different platforms because of the code’s reusability feature. Hire React Native developers from Metizsoft Solution – A leading React Native Agency and get the best React Native development services.

Our Futuristic React Native App Development Roadmap!

At Metizsoft Solutions, we prepare streamlined methodologies that help seamless execution of the projects and provide inexplicably impressive and top-notch results. You can Hire React Native Developers from Metizsoft Solution – A well-established React Native Development Agency to experience futuristic mobile app development results.


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Why Should You Hire React Native Developers From Metizsoft Solutions?

We are a decade-old software development firm with over 100+ experienced and energetic professionals who work tirelessly to fulfil every client’s project needs, irrespective of any challenge. When you decide to hire developers from Metizsoft Solution, you will get:

We have a prolific team of dedicated React Native developers with years of expertise in delivering futuristic, highly-functional React Native App development solutions to brands of all categories.

We are the deadline specialists and always ensure to finish the project in the promised period unless any last-minute change or update occurs. We are proud of our on-time delivery success percentage (95%).

You will get a complete order of every penny spent on the app development process from us. There is no extra charge or hidden cost, but the highest quality project execution is what we stand for as a pocket-friendly solution.

Our dedicated team of React Native developers is quick to adapt to any Time Zone work management, ensuring a smooth project development process. It has never really been an issue for our developers.

One prominent aspect of our Reactnative development is that we allow our clients to get involved in critical decision-making where they can get updates and share valuable suggestions accordingly.

You will get complete assistance from our App maintenance and support team during each stage of your mobile app development process. The entire process will be transparent while maintaining sheer professionalism.

We are The Most Trusted React Native Development Agency!

In this rapidly multiplying technological advancement digital marketplace, you all need a robust, intuitive, all-device-compatible mobile application to help your brand’s identity stand out at the top amongst your competitors.

In contrast, you can hire React Native Developers from Metizsoft Solution – A leading React Native development company, hourly or monthly based on your project requirement and budget. Over the years, our organization has maintained an organic working culture. We have given our dedicated React Native developers complete freedom to think and imply a creative approach to make the idea successful.

Our React Native developers constantly work towards improving the organization’s reputation and client’s business.

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popular questions


1. Is React Native the best choice for web and mobile apps?

Arguably Yes! React Native offers more support and cost-effective solutions than any other framework. Due to its large community and ability to provide better and more interactive UI, it is the best choice for web and mobile apps.

2. What are the core benefits of using React Native for your business?

Some of the high-volume benefits of React Native are:

  • Using React Native ensures quick and live updates
  • React Native is cross-platform compatibility
  • Reusable code and components
  • Extensive community and Facebook backup
  • Cost-effective and platform compatible

3. What are the various React Native applications your developers can make?

Since React Native's arrival, we have adopted it to accelerate the web and app development segment. So far, we have implied React Native core components in developing apps related to healthcare & fitness, Real-estate, finance and banking, real-time apps, and more.

4. How much do you charge, and what's your hiring model?

We have a flexible hiring model where you can hire React native developers hourly, part-time, and full-time as per your requirement. Regarding development costs, we have a cost-effective solution to offer with no hidden or extra charges.

5.Do you provide support and maintenance support?

Yes, we do. We have an agile support and maintenance team with complete knowledge and experience in React Native. They assure timely support, regular updates, and maintenance of your web/app.