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“Metizsoft utilizes advanced technologies to enhance healthcare management and elevate patient care possibilities by offering powerful health management software.”

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Digitally Advanced Healthcare Software Development Solutions!


The Healthcare industry with advanced digital technologies has increased in the last few years. Many healthcare facilities and individuals have started implementing digital health tech solutions to enhance productivity. What a few years ago seems to be just imagination now happens in real-time. Patients are getting doorstep solutions from appointment scheduling to consultation, medicine, and prescription.

We are a leading Healthcare Management Software solutions provider. Since 2012, we have enabled cutting-edge Healthcare Software systems for various clients worldwide. Whether you are looking for TeleApp, Web-based Healthcare Management Software, or a mHealth solution, we assure high-quality Healthcare Software solutions that fit your budget and need.

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Solutions We Provide

We offer unified Healthcare Software Solutions!

Combining the right tech stack, we bring the most-advanced Healthcare Software solutions that solve real-world problems. Our outstanding Healthcare development service includes:

Custom Telehealth Development

We build future-ready telemedicine solutions using IoT and wearable technology. All our developed apps have advanced clinical features, ensuring seamless remote connectivity for patient monitoring, diagnostics, and treatment.

Telemedicine App Development

Our developed Telemedicine software enables contactless care and allows patients to communicate with their preferred doctors through HQ video calling or instant messaging. It allows quick and convenient access.

Tailored mHealth App

Our custom-made mHealth Apps are designed to deliver better personal care by streamlining workflow. The Apps also ensure smoother patient health records management.

Medical Access Program (MAP)

The Medical Access Program (MAP) is a multi-interface application assuring a one-stop solution for health officials and patients. It reduces the standard gap between patients, doctors, and nurses through any-time, anywhere access functionality.

Robust Third-Party Integrations

Considering the usage and demand for sophisticated and smart health and fitness-related mobile applications, we assure seamless third-party integration of apps like iOS HealthKit and Google Fit for better health measures.

Intuitive Customer Experience

The goal is to serve the customers/clients well and educate them at every step of the Healthcare Software development to enhance their knowledge base while assuring end-to-end assistance.


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Your reliable Healthcare Software Development Partner!

We have a decade-old history of working with multiple healthcare professionals, helping them develop advanced and futuristic Healthcare Management Software for better staff management and patient care. Our specialty indulges:


Experienced Team

We feature the most skilled and experienced Healthcare Software developers with industry-level expertise in developing robust, all-device responsive Healthcare Management Software.


Tailored Software Development

Enabling the proper methodology, our agile software developers bring tailored Healthcare Software development solutions relevant to your healthcare structure.


Time-Zone Flexibility

Time zone compatibility is one of our primary assets. Our dedicated software developers understand its importance and work according to your time zone to fulfill your Healthcare software development requirements.


On-time Delivery

As a leading Healthcare Software Solution provider, we strictly adhere to on-time project delivery. Our primary focus is to complete the project within the promised time without compromising its quality.


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Since 2012 we have been a visionary and reliable web & mobile engineering partner for world-class brands.







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1. Why should I choose Metizsoft for my Healthcare software solutions?

We are a leading software development agency in India. We have been the first choice for doctors and healthcare industry owners developing robust Healthcare Software systems. We feature a dedicated and experienced team of software developers with high-level proficiency in the latest tools and technologies. Plus, we have streamlined our development process to the latest business module, aiming to finish the project on promised time without hampering its performance.

2. What are some must-have features in a Healthcare Management System?

A custom Healthcare Management System includes:

  • Staff Management
  • Billing & Invoices
  • Multiple Payment Gateway Integrations
  • Admission, Discharge & Transfer Records
  • Healthcare Contact & Support
  • Healthcare Policy Enforcement
  • Scheduling & Appointments

3. How much will developing a full-fledged Healthcare Management Software cost?

The cost to develop Healthcare Management Software varies on many prospects, such as:

  • The project size
  • APIs and libraries integration
  • Language and framework use

So it takes more work to provide an exact estimation before previewing. Once you share your project details, our project manager can come up with a number after proper verification and analysis.

4.Can I hire developers remotely to develop Healthcare Management System?

Yes, you can. We have structured a flexible hiring model where you can hire Healthcare software developers on a remote and project basis suitable to your budgets and business requirements. Our developers are comfortable working as per your project need.

5.Do you provide post-development support and maintenance?

Yes, we do. You can contact our Healthcare development specialists at your convenience and discuss your queries regarding your project. They will ensure smooth upgrades and maintenance that will help you keep up the performance of your software system.