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Mobile applications are the most customizable platform/medium for entertainment and to gain all source preferred information. Mobile applications have become a new face to the growing digital world and have made things possible and unimaginable.

In today’s world, decoration and artistic looks play a significant role in determining the positive mind-vibes lives. Therefore, our client reached us for an online gallery and a home decor web/mobile application to buy and sell art and crafts. 

Project Overview

Abridgment Of Artiliving

“As We Are Evolving, Decor Is Becoming A Life-Enhancing Segment.”

With the help of new technology and the support of the internet, online shopping or E-commerce has productivity-related benefits, and every start-up to enterprise has the chance to get noticed.

Metizsoft Solutions provides all the stages and cycles of application development to drive the utmost business value for you. Our software development team is unbeatable, and we are best known to craft the most exciting and eye-catchy appealing mobile/web apps.

Therefore, our client came with a specific requirement wherein the customers can easily buy paintings, photography, decorative sculptures, prints, carpets, pottery, and other Art/Crafts through the app. 

Our developer team understood the client’s requirement thoroughly and provided an elegant and perfect solution where artistic can upload their art/painting from all over the world. We streamlined the experience by providing a secured payment gateway according to users’ interests and a scalable currency convertor.

We developed a flawless application that brought imagination to life. 

Our company provides complete transparency during the whole process with blazing-fast efficiency and scaling beautiful and helpful mobile/ web applications to our clients.

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Highlights On Some Challenges We Faced During The Project

We are one of the ideal choices with a perfect vision starting from product/application strategy formulation until the launch. We brought the impression to our client and built an ever-green relationship with them by upcoming the tough challenges during the course of the project/application. 

With our client multi-vendor interface, we worked immediately on the challenge with a mission to deliver a unique platform at an affordable proposal.

We provided a solution that was open throughout the world; therefore, customers from any country can place/or sell the orders according to the currency they used. However, our software development team made several developments in providing the most secured and reliable payment gateway.

Therefore, at Metizsoft, we promise to provide you an appealing breath-taking experience.

“We Take Challenges as the Part to Great Things.”


Project Approach With Synopsis And Benefits

We achieved the deadline with 100% quality metrics and the best front-end interface to deliver the ultimate multi-vendor app. The client required distinctive applications wherein the customers/ users can place the order for jewelry, accessories, watch, gift items for themselves and loved ones. Along with the collection of artworks and artistic painting platform, the client was looking for an online gallery app that consists of all selected art/crafts all around the world. 

Our software development expert team shaped the client’s idea to accomplish fascinating goals and create a cutting-edge solution in this competitive world.

“We Provide Robotics/Solutions To Treasure The Quest Of Living.”

We provided an end-to-end solution that allows the buyers to buy famous artistic items according to need and taste and online selling option/feature by uploading photographs/images in Artliving. Some key benefits are mentioned below-

  • The mobile/ web application can solve real problems to customize the application, making the app quick, fast, and easy to browse through all categories. 
  • We also provided a beautiful and highly user-friendly interface with integrated colors, icons, and appealing fonts. 
  • The Artiliving app is undoubtedly an excellent app/platform that provides unlimited fun and social experience among users/customers.
  • The robotics Artiliving – Shopify is the most secure platform that ensures you maximize your opportunities and profit.  
  • Lastly, we provided an appropriate theme and interesting latest designs within the estimated time and budget.

Therefore, no matter what the industry is, we are always there to help you with the best.


Final Results

“Get Ready To Amaze Yourself & Empower
The Successful Journey With Us.”

We inspire to become client-centric and promise to provide top-rated solutions. The only mission during this project was to create an application/platform that loves the customer.

Therefore, we were successful in providing a fantastic Artliving app with flawless functionalities and features. Moreover, we offered the best solution for both artists and lovers.

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