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Restaurant Management System - GoGoHill

A well-defined mobile and web application have the ability to perform many desired actions on users’ behalf. Moreover, applications have a more significant impact on customers as compared to roadside banners and email marketing.

Our client reached a unique requirement to develop a web and mobile application that can help people/users and customers find the desired places to eat in Costa Rica.

Project Overview

Abridgment Of Restaurant Based Application

“Transforming Digital Technology In Restaurant Based Application.”

The demand for hotels and restaurants has increased remarkably with innovative technologies.

We are one of the best leading organizations that shape the industry trends with a primary goal of customer satisfaction.

Our client was one of the leading companies in the USA who contacted us to develop a web, and mobile application wherein people can quickly get their desired food, bars, and clubs in Costs Rica city in San Jose. He included a systemic sequential listing of leading hotels and bars. He was also looking for a framework wherein restaurant owners can list their hotels/ clubs to bring in lucrative sale value.

Our software development team and the highly skilled project manager came up with the best solution wherein customers/ users can directly go ahead and order through the powerful app with preferred payment gateways.

We provided the top-notch combination of in-built features in the application to efficiently manage the accounts and orders, saving valuable time and effort.

Therefore, Metizsoft Solutions is the right place spanning all the major domains and industries for almost 30 years when it comes to products and services.


Highlights On Some Challenges We Faced During The Project

Metizsoft Solutions is the best award-winning company fulfilling every web and mobile development requirement

Our professional project management team hinges on understanding the requirement from designing to marketing and launch. We promised to provide a remarkably operational platform streamlining all the restaurants’ activities, yet we faced some serious challenges during the project.

One of the first things is duplicating searches results, and complicated filter implementation wherein users/customers can search by category or city and make specific requirements like WiFi.

Providing rates was another big challenge for our team as prices are dynamic. We provided a platform that consists of the updated price list.

We brought the best service-oriented architecture that solves all the mentioned challenges.


“It Can Get Tough; However, Our Team Has The Ability To Deal With Them.”

“We Have a Creative Software Team Who Can Dig to the
Roots & Challenges of a Problem.”


Some Smart Key Benefits

  • The application was a bit challenging, yet our software development team developed an online application for our client wherein users can book their preferred table/place/restaurants /cuisines according to their mood.
  • People select food and restaurants based on the customers’ feedback and opinion. Therefore, we provided a mobile/ web application consisting of detailed information on the food menu at various hotels, including reviews and views with their respective rates.
  • Moreover, the application allowed the restaurants owners to their bars/ restaurant places or clubs to boost their business.
  • This powerful app-booking platform improved customer loyalty and restaurants transparency.

“Our Company Is The Powerhouse For
Shopify App With Latest Technology Disruption.”


Final Results

“Take Time To Relax And Enjoy The Stay.”

The application was successfully launched after going through particularly tough challenges during the GoGoHill- Restaurant Based Application. Moreover, the application/platform was efficient enough to take orders and has advanced improved payment gateways with a complete list of branded and incredible Hotels/ Restaurants based on types of cuisines and facilities. 

Our client was highly overwhelmed by seeing the hard work and receiving the best quality.

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