Route4Me Integration

Automate the Delivery Process by Integrating Route4Me - Telemedicine Firm

Route4Me has become a dependable platform for pharmacies to simplify product delivery procedures. Our team recently integrated Route4Me for a telemedicine client, which was a new experience for us.

Our clients run a pharmacy business and want to offer door-to-door medicine deliveries. They are looking to automate their product delivery process, which is currently manual. They have approached us for help, and we have provided them with a unified solution.

In this case study, we have shared about Route4Me – our journey of learning and integrating Route4Me into the system and many more prospects of the project timeline.

Project Overview

Route4Me Integration - Overview!

Route4Me is a staggering API for pharmacy owners who wish to automate their order delivery process. The most talked about route-optimized platform provides all the information, including:

  • Multiple route listing
  • A map with pins and clear route lines to ensure correct driving and walking directions to plan and complete a product doorstep delivery trip.

With more than a routing platform, this API reduces the product delivery cost and increases its safety and security to the highest level.

“No pen and paper, no doorstep delivery mishaps; with Route4Me, your product delivery process will be automated and under control.”

Work Flow

Integration & Work Cycle!

It’s simple. Anyone with a basic understanding of CRM will catch up with the work cycle immediately. The Route4Me work cycle starts with the following:

Step 1

Customer places the order to the pharmacy by calling or faxing their prescription(s)

Step 2

The Request comes to the pharmacy software IPS

Step 3

We have a software called “task management” that will pull all orders from the IPS or pharmacy software.

Step 4

We verify all the dashboard’s orders. The filter option is there to help optimize multiple pharmacy orders.

Step 5

We can choose multiple orders after verification and push them to the Route4Me API

Step 6

After receiving all the orders in Route4Me, we create optimal paths for the delivery in the same portal.

Step 7

Later, we assign drivers their respective delivery routes in the same portal route4me portal.

Step 8

Drivers will get a notification in their mobile application about the route assigned along with the order list.

Step 9

As their next move, they will visit the pharmacy as a starting point for a route.

Step 10

Driver will verify each parcel, scan and pick from the pharmacy.

Step 11

Driver will start delivering every order one by one and complete his status.

Step 12

Upon product delivery, the driver must take a signature and photo of the recipient and update the portal for confirmation.

Step 13

We will get all the information uploaded by the driver in the Route4Me with the help of an API.

Step 14

The task manager will store all the information we received from the API regarding driver product delivery and recipient confirmation.

Step 15

The task manager will send and update all stored information to the pharmacy software.

Challenges We Face

Stumbling Block & Challenges!

Adopting and working with new technologies and integrating APIs into an existing system isn’t anything or a big deal for us. As a well-known web and mobile app development firm, we have experience working with diverse clients across various fields. However, the real challenge lies in comprehending a system from the ground up and devising an API integration plan that meets the requirements while adhering to a tight deadline. As experts at Metizsoft Solutions, we have experience in overcoming challenges. When we discovered Route4Me, we visited their official website and gathered important information from various sections, particularly case studies that showed how businesses have greatly benefited from using Route4Me.

We took some time to study and learn from the references. Once we were confident in our understanding, we returned to our clients to discuss the following:

  • Their business structure and work cycle
  • Why do they need this integration?
  • What purpose will it serve?
  • Whether this integration is efficient?
  • What’s the deadline and scope for the development team?

We asked important questions before beginning the usual proceedings that provided much-needed clarity. Although it was a challenging session, we knew we were embarking on a new challenge.

One of the main challenges is integrating the Route4Me API into the current system and ensuring it is user-friendly for administrators to simplify the product delivery process.


Credibility Certifications

Process we follow

We follow the simple yet impactful roadmap!

We now understand the client’s requirements and the vital challenge we must deal with. We began our API integration process with the following steps:

Since 2012, we have provided bespoke software and API integration services with a track record of 100% success. Our streamlined process has enabled us to complete projects within the deadline, and this project, in particular, has contributed significantly to improving our integration process.
“Our determination to do simple things extraordinarily has helped us to Excel in new business possibilities.”
Key Benefits

Project Highlights & Benefits Explained!

Every API comprises extensive highlights and benefits that make them the best. This third-party API consists of the following:

Highlights highlights.png

Benefits Benefits.png

  • Easy to understand and operate dashboard
  • It shows multiple, especially the shortest route to order delivery destination.
  • Digital signature and photo verification facilities upon completing the delivery
  • You can choose your destination from multiple drivers and parcel guys from the dropdown menu.
  • Single-click delivery update (Order place, pending, driver allotment, route selection, and delivery)
  • Real-time delivery track and order received a status update
  • Complete transparency on placing and shipping orders followed by advanced parcel received verifications

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Result & Outcome Of the Project!


We successfully completed the project within the promised timeline after putting in a lot of effort and facing many challenges. Although the Route4Me ecosystem was new, we enjoyed learning about it. However, it did require us to adapt quickly and utilize our skills to the fullest.

After integration, we conducted several tests to ensure the API was compatible and performed well across various operating systems and devices. We also made some last-minute adjustments per the system requirements and addressed all errors and bugs before providing the client with the necessary credentials.

The Route4Me API is now functioning correctly for the client, which means they no longer have to handle product delivery manually. They can now enjoy a faster, smoother, and more secure delivery service.



Final Words! 

We recently implemented the Route4Me CRM into our Telemedicine system to improve our product delivery process. The transition from manual to automated was a valuable learning experience. Now, we better understand how this integrated technology operates and look forward to utilizing it again. Lastly, we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Chetan & Mr. Manthan for their ultimate support and guidance.