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Hotel Management System – Ezcheckinn

Ezcheckinn is a software technology that streamlines the administrative tasks of hotel operators and owners, maintaining long-term and short-term bookings. Moreover, Ezcheckinn, popularly known for the hotel reservation and management system, is built by us- Metizsoft Solutions. We are one of the leading apps and web Development companies delivering top-notch IT solutions to a long list of contented and potential clients.


Abridgment Of The Hotel Management Project

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Hotel Management Projects.”

Online hotel booking and online travel sales are projected to reach an exponential growth rate of $174 million in 2022. Therefore, we focused on the travel booking industry to provide a stagnant exploring hotel management system – Ezcheckinn.

The main motive behind building the hotel software app was to offer a seamless platform to integrate on different channels, specially designed to run on smartphones. The hotel app can be used by motels, lodges, B2B, hostels, guest’s houses, and other rental services.

Moreover, the app features must grace the following- online reservation facilities, Intuitive User-friendly interface, latest offers on Tours and Travels, less Loading Time, comprehensive payment gateways, and extending ways for offline bookings.

Our team worked really hard throughout the development process to develop a scintillating hotel booking and management app.

Therefore, in the end, we designed the most convenient hotel booking app considering everything in mind, from accommodations to online payments to price comparison features.


Highlights On Some Challenges We Faced During The Project

As we knew, embedded system software or service-oriented architecture projects cannot get completed without facing any hurdles and challenges. Metizsoft Solutions in Ahmadabad has developed many stunning and leading web and mobile applications for multiple clients regardless of any industry.

The hotel management system required a quick automatic calendar view that was tough and complex to build as many bookings and data are to be loaded on a specific part.

We went through all the stages with the aim of developing a digital solution and user-centric UI framework. After various tests and trials, our project management team created the best dedicated mobile app for hotel bookings and management.

The payment calculation was another difficult challenge for us. However, after some struggle and comprehensive market studies, we learned to develop the whole process from the very beginning.

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Project Approach and Benefits Of Ezcheckinn App

The hotel industry is just not limited to bookings and customer satisfaction; moreover, the hotel’s digital transformation has evolved to add inbuilt features with improved products and services.

Moreover, we focused on search parameters, booking and cancellation gateways offering the same and user-friendly services.

“Our Expertise Understands The Project Approach To Its
Core & Keeps Clients’ Need As A Priority.”

Our software developers successfully brought the marketing and dynamics changes through this notable app in the hotel industry with hard work and incredible teamwork.

  • Many hotel booking apps and services are available in the market; however, our organization provides multiple listing services that help run the business efficiently.
  • The most commonly founded feature is tracking previous bookings to streamline accounts.
  • The main objective behind the app was to reduce the paperwork and increase staff efficiency.
  • We provide the most developed booking engines to capture direct online reservations and inquiries.
  • Investing in digital hotel management system is worth it, offering a personalized experience for guests.
  • We also designed a proper calendar view and pushed alerts and notifications on any new bookings.

We provided all the unique features and amenities to empower and transform your business to the following levels of growth to achieve business goals.


Final Results

“We Are The Right & Ideal Service Providers From
Development To Marketing.”

We were delighted to launch the live application to market after overcoming the heights of challenges during the project/app. Moreover, our team was delighted to witness the positive response from various clients after designing this fantastic app for hotel bookings and management. The app was addressed as a game-changer to both users and clients for short-term and long-term bookings.


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