Case Study

Smart Digital Fitness Mobile App


This healthcare app which is a digital fitness app is used for tracking an individual’s weight with the report like BMR, BMI etc. the application works on BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) and connects with the Bluetooth weight scale. This application has been developed for both Android and iOS users and runs perfectly on both Apple and Android phones. With the help of this, users can also check their daily weight history and their diet and exercise progress. Overall this app helps the users to become fit and healthy.

Ezcheckinn By Metizsoft

ezCheckinn, as the name suggests, is an app that is used for hotel reservation and booking. With the help of this app, you can book hotels, motels, hostels, lodges, and guesthouses with a few clicks on your mobile phone. With the help of this app, you can book a hotel or motel at any time from anywhere. You can book any hotel from the app and then check-in without any hassle. The app is beneficial for both the users and the property owners as customers will be able to book the property easily online and owners will be able to expand their business by taking it online. Metizsoft Solutions has developed this app with the latest technology and amazing yet easily understandable features to provide the maximum customer satisfaction.

99Prints Shopify App by Metizsoft

99 Prints is an app built on Shopify platform that meets the demand of the people engaged in print on demand business. It provides store owners the choice to choose any design of their preference from the unlimited available designs of prints collection. It also allows the store owners an option to ask for customized unique prints as per their requirements. It has multiple other features as it provides service to meet the dual need of print merchant and a customer who wants to print the design on his/her clothes. 99Prints is therefore a successfully developed Shopify app developed by Metizsoft and its team.

Pharmaceutical Sales Rep Tracking Apps

Pharmaceutical Tracking app is yet another successful app developed by Metizsoft. Pharmaceutical is a mid-sized pharmaceutical sales rep tracking app based in Gujarat. They approached us with a vision of creating a platform where the digital technology will drive the most value in the organization and lead them towards digital success. This sales tracking mobile app delivers information while ensuring that their business intelligence stayed in their own hands, helping them maintain their competitive advantage

Medical Access Program through OutSystems

With the help of Medical Access Program, any patient can avail a basic treatment at home by nurse; who would analyze the patient’s condition and prescribe medication. If a patient requires any minor medical treatment, he can avail prescriptions online. This app also allows the patients book an appointment online on the app to avoid standing in long queues and waiting for hours. Metizsoft has successfully developed this app to enable the patients to book appointments and avail prescriptions as well as medication online. The client wanted to enhance the users’ experience and we successfully helped them achieving them.

Ecobee Thermostats

Heat Management System – Internet of Things

Heat management system is an Internet of things CRM which is the collection of various APIs which are integrated into a single web-based system. This platform’s primary purpose is to provide remote control from a single dashboard for various locations for heat temperature set though the system. This app works on Ecobee Thermostat which is a smart device that basically measures the temperature, compares it to the temperature that you have set and turn off/on an electrical appliance when there’s a difference.

Printer Partners – Shopify

Printer Partner App is yet another Shopify built app developed by Metizsoft. Through this app, you can print different prints, designs or quotes on your t-shirts or any other clothing. This app intends to provide a printing solution for those customers who want to print different designs on their clothes. Just choose your designs or a favorite quote or content, place an order and get it delivered to your home.

Printer partners

GoGoHill – PHP/Codeigniter

GoGoHill is a restaurant based application that helps people to find the best restaurants and places to eat nearby. It provides the complete information about that restaurant such as opening and closing time, its scanned menu. You can also read the reviews given by other users who have visited that restaurant. GoGoHill is a platform where the restaurant owners can promote their business to thousands of people. This is a great app for both the restaurant owners as well as all the foodies to serve their taste buds and have fun with friends.

Artiliving – Shopify

The Artiliving web app is an online gallery and home décor site to buy paintings, photographs, sculptures, prints, carpets, pottery, handicrafts and other art and crafts online through an app. This app doesn’t only enables the buyers to buy handicrafts and other artistic home decor things but also lets other sell their art by uploading the pictures on the app. This app also delivers the items on your doorsteps. It’s a multi vendor app designed successfully by Metizsoft with Shopify framework.