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Case Study

Viral Light – Smart LED Strip Controller Bluetooth App

In a world full of digital adoption, managing the light of your room or car according to your mood through apps might not sound extraordinary, right? And why should it? It’s not a big deal. Many apps exist in the play store that comprehensively offers sensor connectivity and control of these things. But, out of those many apps, what if I told you that now things have gone to a step higher, and you can set up your preferred light, adjust the contrast and brightness, function it with the music beats and themes, that too without any cost, sounds exciting, isn’t it!

Streaming Technologies
Streaming Technologies

Live- Streaming Technologies and Outlook

There is a new wave in online entertainment and media globalization for the past two decades resulting in the considerable emergence of various popular web-based live streaming events and conventional video marketing. Moreover, with a creative approach and promotional tools, these streaming media, live media, behind the scene videos have become common nowadays. You can do more; therefore, take a look at each with strength and robustness.

Smart Digital Fitness Mobile App


Exercise millions of latest technological apps from anywhere. Moreover, while having so many options available in the market, our company is one of the leading software project and app Development companies to establish a competitive edge.

A Digital Health Scale App is an application that is used for tracking weight and works on BLE- Bluetooth Low Energy. Our renowned client was from Boston, the USA who approached us, Metizsoft Solutions, for a modified and modern application that can be integrated with the Bluetooth Weighing Scale and provide automatic digital health care scale reports within a fraction of time.


Ezcheckinn By Metizsoft

Ezcheckinn is a software technology that streamlines the administrative tasks of the hotel operators and owners, maintaining long-term and short-term bookings. Moreover, Ezcheckinn, popularly known for the hotel reservation and management system, is built by us- Metizsoft Solutions.

We are one of the leading apps and web Development companies delivering top-notch IT solutions to a long list of contented and potential clients.

Smart Digital Printing App


“Digital Printing Is Revolving To Make Things Look Perfect.”

Around 175 countries are using the most trusted Shopify platform for online business websites. Most micro, small and medium enterprises come to us for POD kinds of services in India. Thereby, Metizsoft Solutions came up with the Smart digital print app for people and customers.


Printer Partners – Shopify App

The concept of the digital revolution is mushrooming, and being the best and leading app development company in the global market with an unprecedented amount of expertise, we provided the intent of demand-on printing application for customers/users who want the custom designs on any printable material.

GoGoHill – Restaurant Based Application


A well-defined mobile and web application have the ability to perform many desired actions on users’ behalf. Moreover, applications have a more significant impact on customers as compared to roadside banners and email marketing.

Our client reached a unique requirement to develop a web and mobile application that can help people/users and customers find the desired places to eat in Costa Rica.

Heat Management System – Internet of Things

“Harness The Power Of Thermal Energy Through Embedded Sensors And Technology-IoT.”

We at Metizsoft Solutions offer a wide range of distinguished services with fantastic ease in management and superb functionality. In addition to this, we provide the best and incredible multi-dimensional customized solution regardless of any industry and sector.

Pharmaceutical Sales Rep Tracking Apps


Our expertise in terms of delivering numerous successful projects and fascinating apps with validation to serve our potential clients one step ahead of their plan has always been remarkable.

In this fast-paced world of pharmaceuticals sales, boon your tomorrow with the best Mobile Pharmaceutical app. Recently we developed and launched one of the leading pharmaceutical apps for our Pharma client based in Gujarat, India.


Artliving – Online Home Decor Shop


Mobile applications are the most customizable platform/medium for entertainment and to gain all source preferred information. Mobile applications have become a new face to the growing digital world and have made things possible and unimaginable.

In today’s world, decoration and artistic looks play a significant role in determining the positive mind-vibes lives. Therefore, our client reached us for an online gallery and a home decor web/mobile application to buy and sell art and crafts.

Medical Access Program through OutSystems

The future of the medical domain and healthcare industry is changing the Legacy system of the Medical Access Program. Witnessing the road map of tomorrow’s potential medical domain was much eager to upgrade their services and offerings in order to enhance the patient’s experience. 

Moreover, since the covid-19 period, there has been an accelerating structural change covering digital healthcare technologies, VR/AR, robotics, and nanotechnologies.


M-Pay App


KYC has become quite important these days as it is required almost everywhere. From opening a bank account to registering on a mobile wallet app, you need KYC. KYC stands for know your customer, which is the process of verifying the identity of the customer.

KYC involves several steps to establish the customer’s identity and understand the customer better. The objective of the KYC guidelines is to prevent bank accounts from fraud and other money laundering activities.