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Data Collection Mobile App - Rayz Lighting

The world is moving fast with each technical and digital innovation, with mobile apps leading at the forefront compared to other segments. Lately, every organization, enterprise, and industry has started to adapt to their staff augmentation and order management mobile applications to ease internal activity quickly and efficiently.

There are many examples of brands and industries managing their sales funnel and order fulfillment using such mobile applications. And for a brand’s state-of-artwork culture and product or service quality point of view, it’s indeed a cost-effective and more streamlined process than manual.

Lately, Rayz Lighting – A leading LED lighting service provider in Bridgeport, has decided to join the industry league of its industrial application for better service and staff management.

They want to build a Mobile Application for their Data Collection Management, Sales Representatives (who visits the site and gathers the requirement of lights and pitches the customers), and Installers (Technical Person who visits the site to install lights) from which they could manage their daily task and other necessity.

After hearing their needs, we accepted the challenge to build the Rayz Lighting App from scratch and successfully delivered the App within fifteen days, making it available for use.

Project Overview

ABRIDGMENT OF Data Collection App

"Managing LED lighting
order fulfilment & staff is no longer a hassle!"

The Rayz Lighting App is one of many unique and more flexible using Admin panel applications. Our dedicated mobile app developers planned, designed, and developed the Data Collection Management App in a quick span of 15 days.

The usage of Laravel in API integration makes it a cross-platform compatible mobile application allowing Admin to install and use it on Android and iOS by downloading it from the respective Play store.

Talking about its dashboard and functionality, then the App assures an easy-to-understand and appealing icons, navigation system and login panel where:

  • Super admin generates usernames and passwords for the sales representatives and technical installers.
  • Sales Representatives and installers must log in to the application with the shared credentials from Super Admin.

The most significant part of this App is it fetches all the essential details, including the total no of projects added, customers’ details (region, zip code, name, contacts, purpose), completed and pending ones, and in-progress projects, staff assigned, etc. The admin can quickly check and keep track of each project’s progress and supervise accordingly.

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Data Collection Mobile App - Stumbling Blocks and Challenges!

We have partnered with Rayz Lighting for over a year, making our work easy at every level. But, even if you are building an App about your home management, errors, mishaps, and hindrances are inevitable. Gathering all the data and information, building scope for dual users, and adding task tracking was a challenging part of this app development.

But, putting aside all the self-doubt, we made a list of all queries and met with the Rayz Lighting team to understand their demands from the core level. Later, we began our work by running a comprehensive R&D, where we went through some examples and references to gather a specific idea about the model. Finally, we decided to make it from scratch, where every prospect of the App will reflect our hard work and excellence.

After all, it was a new challenge and an opportunity to showcase our creativity and Metizsoft Solutions mobile app development quality and capabilities.

Henceforth, we started our Rayz Lighting App development procedure with our usual proceedings.

Software Development – As this was supposed to be a cross-platform specific App, we chose Admin Panel and API (Laravel).

“We possess the courage to turn any stumbling blocks & obstacles into game-changing possibilities.”

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Key Benefits

Project Highlights & Benefits Explained!

Every project has some key highlights and benefits, increasing the credibility and reliability amongst users. In Rayz Lighting Mobile Application, there are many, but we like you to pay attention to more relevant and important ones.

Highlights highlights

Benefits Benefits

  • A sales reporter can communicate directly with the Super Admin and vice versa using the message tab if they want to make any changes to the project or customer information.
  • Once the Sales Reporter saves the project, it cannot be edited or modified. Admin can only do that on Request.
  • Admin can check the projects in detail with pictures before and after installation.
  • Users will get logged out automatically every 20 days. Also, each completed project will disappear within 15 days of completion.
  • Having self-staff, sales and project management Application improves brand identity and workforce management and reduces the pen and paper mess.
  • Being an Admin, you can ensure the work is done on deadline by tracking and supervising your staff and their requirements from anywhere within a few minutes.
  • It improves your organizations overall work efficiency and helps you get quick reviews and testimonials.
  • You will get access to all your sales personalities, text them directly and receive their product installation status without any hindrances.
  • Sales people of your organization can choose the project or customer from the dropdown list and write in the description about the changes to be done with the individual project or customer.


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Result & Outcome of The Project!

So, after 15 days of consistency, patience, and hard work, we complete the Rayz Lighting App project verifying its performance and reliability on every platform and device. We have forwarded the App to the Rayz Lighting team for the final testimonial.

The Ray Lighting App is ready for use. Now, the Rayz Lighting officials can download it and use it to have sheer attention and control over their sales activity, project management and product installation, all in one from anywhere at their convenience.

It was a fun and knowledgeable experience during this App development, and we look forward to many more similar challenges in different segments and categories.

Lastly, we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Chetan & Mr. Manthan for their ultimate support and guidance.

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