Legacy System Modernization for the Medical Access Program

“The Medical domain was eager to upgrade their services and offerings with the rapid advancement of technology and wanted to enhance the patient experience.”


Our client approached Metizsoft, seeking to upgrade a legacy system for the Medical Access Program. They wanted the basic features with a modern yet user-friendly upgrade on the same SQL database. An easy to deploy platform with no training required for the patients to use the platform to avail medical facilities.

The Design:

OutSystems is a diversified platform that lets its customers build, integrate, deploy, and manage applications. It is a low-code enterprise application development platform. Its visual development tools, intuitive designs, ability to integrate with existing systems and seamless delivery across the web and mobile platforms made them a perfect fit to bring a revolutionary solution to technology.

We used their great features to make the apps more UI attractive with design template; it allows CSS import and customization and just a single click design change system. We used the Custom JavaScript to make the validation that can be reusable in future for all basic input types and parameters.

  • Mobile Apps REST API:

Our OutSystems developers created a REST API to pass the data to the respective nurse and Doctor who can use the mobile application to monitor the routine feedback of the patient and their recovery status.

REST API was smartly developed in such way that it can be used with any SQL database as a plugin.


  • SQL Connection:

Generally, OutSystems have their own database and its table base connection way, as per our need we need multiple data from a single table and join data from multiple tables so we create a connection using REST API to Overcome Challenges.

Same database module developed in a generic way that can be used with any database in the future.

It was really challenging, given the legacy module which had been followed for ages now. Hence we created a classic Session and Role Manage model as inherited from the Legacy 1.0 System which was developed almost two decades ago.

Our Solution:

Our Medical Access Program is an excellent platform; any patient can avail a basic treatment at home by a nurse; who would analyze the patient’s condition and prescribe medication. For any minor medical treatment, the patient may avail prescriptions online. If the patient intends to visit the Doctor, he/she may book an appointment to avoid long reception queues, tedious registration process, and prolonged waiting.

After the treatment, the Doctor’s prescribed medication is generated in the form of an E- Prescription which is automatically sent to the nearest Pharmacy Store. The platform tracks the order, provides an update on the delivery status and also keeps a record of the same.

Every month the respective Nurse can generate a MedSheet for the treated patient and take feedback report for the suggested treatment also review the patient’s health and share the status update reports with the Doctor.

The Medical Access Program that we developed offers a highly customized user experience specifically tailored to reduce the need for training to use the platform and to increase transparency and productivity of a hospital’s administrative and medical management. It allows a patient’s data to be digitally available across all levels of the hospital, from management to Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacy and other departments; thus providing a multi-interface channel experience for healthcare facilities. It offers a unified patient view and manages hospital workflows for outpatients, inpatients, emergency, and pharmacy. Real-time data can be fetched to oversee the number of appointments per day and the entire schedule.

The Doctors can define prescriptions or treatment plans for patients and add the data into the system in a very recognized and intuitive user interface. With that data, nurses are able to consult the treatment plan and register all administrations, along with all relevant information about the patient and/or a specific medication. This information is always available for the Doctor and he or she can follow up with the patient’s progress remotely.

The MAP can also link hospital data to a network of pharmacies, thereby enhancing the hospital’s medication management efficiency and raise the level of services to its patients. Nurses and pharmacists can integrate pharmaceutical needs for each patient and fully oversee the stock of medication across the supply chain, from the Pharmacy to the patient’s bed.

In addition to this, the MAP allows the patients to manage their appointments, interact with healthcare providers, simplify prescription renewal, and access their Records at all times. The hospital and its doctors can also use the same system to communicate and take feedback from their patients regarding the treatment.

The program is as simple as illustrated below:

Medical Access Program

Web – Extension & Custom Plugins for control

  • Multi-select Cheque box custom control
  • Multi-level auto select Hierarchy
  • Base Dropdowns Custom control
  • Pop and its resize Plugins
  • Pagination Plugins

Major Advantages:

  • Faster Registration process.
  • Reduced waiting period.
  • Access to real-time status and analysis where the hospital management can see in real-time the number of patients, appointments, prescriptions, and tracking.
  • High user adoption and reduce training needs.
  • No need for training of end-users using simple coding.

Calendars & Appointment

We enhanced the appointment booking system to create dynamic slots to book appointments and to provide an access to the accurate schedule and time as per the Doctor’s Calendar.

The Result:

The new program has reduced patient registration time; decreased waiting period for patient’s treatment; provided better delivery coordination of patient and Pharmacy; and offered in-depth real-time data to hospital administrators.

We are still developing and enhancing many modules so that in the era of mobile technology, our solutions can match up to the expectations of the customer requirements where we can fast develop a low code platform and deliver great features for our custom ers.