Abridgment Of Medical Access Program (MAP)

The future of the medical domain and healthcare industry is changing the Legacy system of the Medical Access Program. Witnessing the road map of tomorrow’s potential medical domain was much eager to upgrade their services and offerings in order to enhance the patient’s experience. 

Moreover, since the covid-19 period, there has been an accelerating structural change covering digital healthcare technologies, VR/AR, robotics, and nanotechnologies. Our client approached Metizsoft Solutions to embrace new healthcare technologies to stay relevant in the upcoming years.


Medical Access Program - TELMEDIC

“We Provide A Framework To Seamless
Medical History & Real-Time Health With MAP.”

We cannot stop technological developments. However, with so many new innovations rolling out, we aim to provide top-rated technical solutions with secure platforms. With new technology updates and the advent of TCP/IP, the Legacy vb.net 1.0 System is no longer used. Our client contacted us to design an app with a more attractive UI and modern design templates that allows CSS import and customization in just a single click.

Our super passionate team of software developers always has a user-centric vision approach to every project. Henceforth, we used Custom JavaScripting language, including API- application program interface that can be reused in the future for essential inputs and parameters if the client wants. The Medical Access Program was developed to provide essential and minor medical treatment at home by the nurse and get automatic online medical prescriptions (E-prescription). These E-prescriptions can be directly mailed and sent to the nearest Pharmacy store. Moreover, the patient can easily overcome the tedious registration process and prolonged waiting through this medical domain app.

The exceptional expertise software development team designed a MedSheet feature to track and take the feedback of the treated people. Through this stunning medical app, you can review the patient’s health and share the status with the appointed doctor within a fraction of a second.

In addition, the program- MAP allows patients to interact with healthcare providers directly and access their status/progress and records every time.

The MAP framework we developed is a brilliant multi-interface channel that increases transparency and productivity of the hospitals and allows patient data to be quickly available across all platform levels, like doctors, Nurses, and Pharmacists, for fast treatments and efficient medical facilities.

Moreover, you can easily link the MAP link to the Hospital data to enhance the integration of nurses and pharmacists to oversee the stock of medication in order to raise the level of service to its patients. As a result of this, we take pride in saying that our tech-savvy and award-winning team of developers could make life better for customers and patients.


Highlights On Some Challenges We Faced During The Project

We guarantee to match the expectations of our valuable clients and provide a revolutionary solution to their business idea. We faced difficult times during the medical program’s discovery, designing, and development phases.

The biggest challenge was creating a Rest API that any SQL database could use as a plugin to monitor the feedback and recovery of the patient record.

However, another challenge was to have multiple data from a single table and then join the data to various tables.

Yet, with our talented team’s excellent support, we successfully provided the best-rated responsive, user-friendly Medical Access Program and sustained an ever-lasting relationship with our client. 

“Metizsoft Is All About Accepting Challenges And Savoring Apps.”

Project Approach With Synopsis & Benefits

Finally, we were grateful to our client, who believed us and provided an opportunity to upgrade a legacy of the Medical Access Program. The deploy platform design was carrying all the basic yet modern, user-friendly features upgraded on SQL database helping the patients to avail medical facilities. 

The classic session and Role, Manage Model aid, to change the Medical Access Program and the improved lives of the patients resulting in remarkable achievements. 

“Our Developers Designed Medical Home Model
With Seeds To Improve Fitness.”

After facing all the hurdles and challenges, the final product was able to meet the client’s expectations, and they had a fantastic experience working with our excellent software development team.

  • The framework provided the fast registration process of the patients. 
  • The program used the SQL domain database management system; therefore, it has web extension and custom Plugins for control and base Dropdown Custom control system.
  • It also provides access to real-time status by reducing the waiting time.
  • The Hospital management system can easily track the real-time of the patients, the number of patients, appointments, re-appointments, consultants, and prescriptions.
  • The dashboard has simple coding; therefore, no training is required.
  • Lastly, there is a dynamic and upgraded way to book the appointment slots on-Calendar and Appointment feature.

Henceforth, our software developers strive very hard to produce quality and generate a result-oriented framework in the medical domain industry.


Final Results

“We Are The One To Hit Patients’ Weakness & Unlock
Their True Strength.”

The Medical Access Program (MAP) is a diversified platform with a low-code enterprise application development framework bringing revolutionary solutions to medical systems and technology.

This multi-interface application is a one-stop solution, reducing the standard gap between patients, doctors, and nurses through any time, anywhere access functionality.

However, a large portion of appreciation belongs to our highly enthusiastic software developers who have developed a staggering application providing better delivery coordination to patients and pharmacies.

Amidst fast-forwarding technological advancement, we remain an ideal solution for clients and people who wish to integrate the power of technology and digital platform to bring premium quality and high-class developments.

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