Hostel Management System

Resilience Hospitality - Hostel Management System

In the last decade, everything has come inside the desktop and smartphone screen in this fast-forward digital world. Websites, Apps, and management systems have become a regular part of our lives. Whether government offices, private coaching centers, or large educational institutions, every organization has its own apps and management systems.

Hostel Management

The choice is straightforward and understandable. They also want to eliminate loads of paperwork and man management costs. Moreover, having a management system gives them quality assurance over the accuracy and security of data in the long run compared to the manual process.

Recently, we partnered with RK Sandipani Group, a reputed and renowned Studio Apartment service provider in Ahmedabad, India. They ask us to build a Hostel Management System for them where they can cut down the manual expenses and better manage the students who come to them for accommodation. Being a crowned web and app development company, we grabbed the opportunity and joined hands for the Resilience Hospitality project.

Here’s a complete brief about the project. What obstacles we encountered, and how we managed to deliver the project on time as instructed? We have explained everything to you in this Case Study!

Project Overview

Resilience Hospitality - Overview!

Resilience Hospitality will become one of the most reliable Hostel Management Systems for the RK Sandipani Group. It has all the vital components and necessary functionalities that a hostel warden wants to maintain a hostel of any institute/organization.

“Managing all hostellers’ data is now only a matter of a few clicks.”

Resilience Hospitality – As it is a Hostel Management System, we choose to go with the following:


Front-End html-css-js

Back-End php laravel

Language PHP

The usage of Laravel has increased its compatibility on desktop and Android smartphones. 

It has a unified dashboard with all necessary sections like Student Registration, Rooms, Bed Availability, Setting, and more. 

The warden of the hostel can log in as Admin to quickly view all the essential details displayed over the widgets. The admin has all the access to make any student record Active and Inactive.

The best thing this Hostel Management System will do is reduce hostel wardens’ and institute officials’ workload. Moreover, it will give them a streamlined way of dealing with hostellers in the best and most organized ways.

Hostel Management System

Resilience Hospitality - Stumbling Blocks & Challenges!


It’s the first project we are working on for the RK Sandipani group. We have recently joined hands for a specific period where we committed to working on a few exclusive web and app projects. Well, working on this project has never been a massive challenge for us, to be honest. However, the biggest challenge was leaving that first impression which would strengthen our relationship with them for a long time. 

The priority is to understand their requirements regarding the project. What Theme do they want? The front-end specification and how the navigation should look and work. Most importantly, what backend would best suit their database? 

These are some fundamental and essential questions that come to the forefront. We scheduled a meeting with the RK Sandipani officials to discuss their requirements regarding the management system briefly.

Once we agreed on the exact words, we moved on with our usual project development process, which consists of the following: 

Product Review

Competitor Analysis






After many last-minute changes and updates, we finally completed the project in due time. Now it’s completely functioning as it should be.

“We Metizians are determined to execute the best
possible solutions for any tech-savvy challenges.”

Highlights & Benefits

Project Highlights & Benefits Explained!

Now that you have gone through the project overview and introduction in the above sections, it’s time you must take a detour of some of its core highlights and benefits:

Highlights highlights

Benefits Benefits

  • Intuitive Dashboard - Easy to understand and operate.
  • Students, Rooms, Beds, and Payment Details Management
  • Admin has the leverage to add, edit and remove details as per need
  • Quick to search bar and pop-up notification specification for reminders
  • No more separate paperwork or register copy is required, as Admin can manage everything within this system
  • Accurate data keeping and tracking of Student details like Room, Bed, and other Accessories
  • Electricity bills and other payments detail management
  • Reduce paperwork and man management cost


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Result & Outcome of the Project!

So, after days of consistent effort, hard work, and patience, we completed the Resilience Hospitality (Hostel Management System) project on promised time. We also ran multiple testimonials to verify its performance and reliability on desktops and smartphones.

Finally, after checking all prospects on various screens, we handed over the project’s credentials to the RK Sandipani team for the final testimonial.

Now, it’s up to them whether they find it helpful or ask for changes in functionality or layouts. Our team will act accordingly as per their instructions. But from our side, the project is ready to go on screens. 

Lastly, we would like to assure the RK Sandipani team that they don’t have to get confused with overloaded hostel paperwork. We have developed an easy-to-use Hostel Management System with all the necessary features and functionality to ease their work.

Group 1





Final Words! 

It was a fun and knowledgeable experience during this Hostel Management System development. We look forward to many more similar challenges in different segments and categories. Lastly, we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Chetan & Mr. Manthan for their ultimate support and guidance.