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Facts That You Should be Aware of Considering Mobile App Maintenance!

Mobile apps have been a savior for many companies around the world. Many businesses are now running over mobile apps, small or mid-sized, national or international.

From booking cabs to ordering food, from online shopping to travel tickets and booking a hotel room and resorts, one-click on the Play Store install button of the relevant app, and you’re ready to get benefitted from its service.

But, have anyone of you ever pondered about the cost of these apps? How much do companies pay to maintain their apps throughout the year for seamless integration and avoid Uninstallation? There isn’t any need to pay anything after the app is available on the Play Store!

These are a few fundamental questions that came across entrepreneur mind while enriching mobile apps development companies to build their mobile apps.

If you are one of those questionnaires looking for detailed answers, this blog is a must-read for you!

Mobile App Maintenance is Vital

Before jumping directly into the estimated cost of maintaining a mobile app, firstly, let’s discuss why there is a need for it?

You just got your app designed by a mobile app development company, and it’s now available on Google Play Store right! So the story ends there, and users can now download it as long as they want.

No, the above statement is a setback that requires clarification in the first place. Your app is available in the play store for users’ use is not the end of the story but the beginning of an ongoing process. Yes, mobile app maintenance is a continuing process that varies each time.

For better User Experience

With each technological advancement of this ever-evolving era of digitalization, you need to cope with your company for timely up-gradation of your app’s features and APIs to provide seamless integration to users.

By doing this, you keep pace with your competitors and deliver a better user experience for an extended period.

The uncertainty approach of the users towards a mobile app is complicated. The more robust and user-friendly your app, the longer it will help you grow in this competitive market.

Keeping this fact in mind, you need to set long-term goals while bringing your business to mobile apps.

To deliver a better user experience, you need to

  • Follow the market trends that best suit your business.
  • Keep updating your app with the latest features. Both in Front-end and backend!
  • Proactive interaction through Feedback, ratings, and Testimonials
  • Helps You Keep Full stop on Uninstallation:

There are numerous relevant mobile apps available on the Play Store. But only a few are there with millions of downloads and are ahead of their competitors. Why?

The one simple answer to the above why? Is that they keep their distance from bugs and unnecessary ads.

Remember, when you stop maintaining your apps from bugs and fail to provide the latest version update, your user will start uninstalling your app.

No users find it pleasurable to share that extra space of their mobile RAM (Random Access Memory) by using unmaintained apps.

Your users are your assets, and you will only be able to make them happy by providing uninterrupted service by regular maintenance of the mobile app.

You Can Get Rid of From Malware/Cyber Attacks

Stealing your users and personal data is a common phenomenon in the internet world. It happens when you deliver the best of service with top-notch assistance. Many evil eyes set upon you when you gain the best reputation, searching for a loophole.

That’s why you need to put a safeguard in your apps. Especially in your database segment. Fetching the best security protector with updated functionalities will avoid such chaos for the greater good.

When found difficult to decide by yourself, you have the option to enrich your app development company for sheer guidance on the most suitable security protocol for your mobile app.

Get Benefitted By Maintaining Your App

When you keep up the maintenance of your mobile app precisely, your users stick with you and encourage others to join. In this way, your customer base increases rapidly, ensuring improvement in ROI.

By monitoring users’ engagement areas on your app, you can increase/decrease some features that best fit your budget and requirement.

Stick With Your Mobile App Development Team:

Your app development company plays a vital role in the success of your mobile app. They are the ones that are well aware of each factor on the app from the inside out.

So get in touch with each point get the notification of the latest features or APIs you want to add, how much it can cost you and how compatible it can be for users?

The mobile app development team can be your guiding light throughout the journey with the best possible result.

Let’s Figure Out How Much Mobile App Maintenance Costs!

Technology is evolving with each passing day. From programming languages to license to security providers, every aspect of technology updates its features and price accordingly.

By far, no one can estimate the exact maintenance cost of a mobile app. But, we can assume the average price and sums of the total of it and conclude:

There are two types of app apps available for you to choose from, as required! For native apps, you need multiple platforms like Android, IOS, Windows, etc. The statement indicates that you have to build three separate apps referring to all these three platforms.

So, you usually have to pay a high price on maintenance, including the development charges added by the app development company.

The average native app maintenance costs you $400 – $900 yearly. (Price may vary! Based on location and requirement)

Native apps are faster, though, as compared to hybrid apps.

On the other side, Hybrid apps are cross-platform, and you only have to create one app for all devices and platforms. So there is less maintenance cost as compared to native apps.

The average hybrid app maintenance costs you around $150 – $500. (Price may vary! Based on location and requirement)

How Come You Get Benefitted by Metizsoft Solution

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Whether you plan to develop e-commerce, food delivery, or any mobile app, we can be your guiding light. Our team is always there to provide complete assistance whenever needed.

Facts That You Should be Aware of Considering Mobile App Maintenance!

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