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Hybrid vs. Native- Which is the Ultimate Solution for App Development?

As we know, people these days are increasingly dependent on mobile apps for their routine tasks. The number of mobile phone users is also increasing in this faster-growing world. As per our experience, we have found out that clients always get confused at the time of choosing the technology between hybrid vs native apps for their mobile app development.

In this article, we will clarify this confusion by presenting the pros and cons of hybrid vs native app technologies. but before beginning with the pros and cons, we must know a little about both these technologies.

So let us begin with it!

Native Apps

The native application is a software program that is developed to use on a particular platform or device. In native apps, developers have to code on individual native apps like Android or iOS.

This would be Objective-C or swift, iOS, or Java for Android. Native applications have a significant benefits as they can be accessed easily and provide optimized performance and have the latest technology such as GPS and much more.

Overall we can say that the inbuilt application can be easily developed in native.

Let us now see what the pros of Native apps are-

  • Native apps are very rich in terms of user experience, animations, and smoothness.
  • App UI will be more user- friendly with native components and design styles.
  • Native apps perform better than hybrid apps.
  • The native app is more secure than the hybrid app.
  • If there is a problem during development, it will easily get a solution online as there is a strong community of native platforms.

Let us now throw light on the cons of native apps-

  • One needs to have different teams for each platform on the native app.
  • Native app development is time consuming when developed in both Android and iOS.
  • As per the platform, the cost of the developer will increase.
  • Developers have to build multiple codes because different devices have different versions of the app.

Hybrid Apps

The hybrid app is a platform that helps to develop apps for multiple with a single source code. There are many hybrid frameworks available in the market, such as Ionic, React Native, Xamarin and Flutter, etc. as every platform has its own advantages and disadvantages, Hybrid apps to have some pros as well as cons.

Let us first discuss the pros of the platform-

  • With hybrid apps, developers have to develop the code just once, which can be used with different platforms.
  • Hybrid app technology is both cost and time-effective.
  • Hybrid apps have access to internal device APIs so that they can use resources such as cameras, storage, and GPS.
  • Different operating systems have different design styles and navigation types, and in hybrid technology, a common package can be used for all the operating systems.

Now let’s throw some light on the cons of this technology

  • Hybrid apps have lower performance compared to native apps as the performance of the native apps varies depending on the coding style, code’s structure, app size, and packages.
  • If you need something complex, the expenses will increase dramatically with hybrid apps.
  • The capabilities of these apps are limited because there will be a need for engaging third-party tools to get access to certain features.

When to choose native or hybrid apps?

Both of these technologies are perfect for simple yet content-rich projects. But you can choose any one as per your requirements and convenience.

We would say hybrid apps are best for MVP, which lets you test your product across various platforms without spending much. You can go for hybrid apps when you are on a budget and need to create an app for both platforms.

You can go for native apps when you want customization for your project. If customization matters for your project, native is your option. If you need custom features, performance, design, then this technology is right for you.


In this article, we presented in front of you the pros and cons of both of these technologies, i.e., Hybrid vs Native app with the intention of giving an idea of which of these two is the right choice for you. As you will have to make the final decision as per your business’s requirements, you must think smartly.

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