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What is The Importance of On-Demand Taxi Booking Apps & How Much Does it Cost to Develop?

The development of the cab booking industry is rapidly growing, and its service has become essential across many countries. Many businesses are trying to leverage their share in this expanding market by hitting into riding services.

As per industry stats, the expected revenue of this industry is ready to reach up to $50,000 million by the upcoming 3 years.

cab booking industry

Moreover, with the growing appropriation of taxi booking applications, there is also an evolution of corporate taxi service in the trade recently.

Certainly, the greatness of corporate people using taxi services has increased remarkably in a short period of time.

Let’s have a look at the important features of a taxi booking mobile app:

Passenger App Features:

  • Register & Login Panel:

This would be the first step and the user can get registered to the app all of initially. Moreover, the user can see the profile information and get it updated if required.

  • Select Destination:

Google map will be integrated into the app; therefore, the user can select a pickup and drop location using the Google map integrated.

  • Ride Tracking:

On the other end, the write can be tracked on the Google map. The map would indicate where exactly we are currently.

  • Push Notifications:

In-app notification integration can be done on this app. Therefore, the user can manage to get the respective notifications regarding the rites. Moreover, the user can get to know about the upcoming features and promotions.

  • In-App Wallets:

In-app wallets could be integrated so that a specific amount of money can be added to the wallet and it can be used upon making payments.

  • Payment Options:

Payment methods can be added to the user can make the payment using various payment methods like PayTm, PayPal. Credit card etc.

  • Fare Estimation:

This would be a vital feature of the application. This feature would give the estimated price estimation to the user upon entering the destination location.

A smart algorithm works behind this feature so that users can easily get the fair price to be paid for the ride priory.

  • Ride History:

The user can check the history of previous and upcoming rides completed on the app.

taxi booking applications work

Driver App Features:

  • Driver Profile:

A driver can get him registered on the app by following some steps regarding the profile information.

  • Driver Availability:

The driver can set him available in order to take rid of the app. If he is not available then he can hide his availability so that he will not be shown up to the users.

  • Booking Information:

Once the booking is accepted by the driver, the driver will get the all required booking information right after that. Information like the pickup place, the destination, and other related information.

  • Push Notifications:

The driver would be notified about the relevant notifications that are required. Upon each booking, the driver will get notified and then he gets to accept or reject that ride.

  • Mark the booking completed:

Once the user reached to destination and booking gets done, Driver then can mark that booking as completed. Therefore, that deal can be closed in the system.

  • Cost Estimation:

The driver will get to know about the cost estimation and the amount to be paid by the user after completing the ride.

  • Navigation:

Google map integration will help the driver to get the navigation of the destination point.

Admin Panel Features:

  • Manage Users:

The admin will be able to manage all users associated with the application. Moreover, if required the admin will be able to get user information updated, deleted and can block any user too.

  • Analytaccessibleics & Reports:

The admin will be able to see the business figures like filtered revenue, app usage, and other relevant stuff in the form of statistics and reports.

  • Manage Payment Accounts:

The admin will be able to manage the payment things on the app. Admin will be responsible the check all payments and its statuses.

Development Process of Taxi Mobile App

Taxi booking app development plan

Required Proficient Development Team Arrangement

Proficient Development Team

Project Manager: Depth Knowledge about the entire project requirements & solutions, also must be outfitted with administrative skills

Developers: Android Developer + iOS Developer + React Native Developer (As per client requirements)

Designers: Designer has depth knowledge about UX/UI & Graphic Design

Quality Analyst: Expert in Good Testing & bug tracking skills


Our on-demand TAXI App clone script comes with an Android application for the customers and drivers. Moreover, we also offer a complete dashboard and backend for admin so that backend things can be managed by a single portal. Which would be accessible by admin?

There are multiple ways to get this app done. Either from scratch or using a quick Taxi clone development. The app for scratch development would approx. cost $25000 to $100000 depends upon features, whereas the clone app would cost less approx. $50000.

On-Demand Mobile Application Development with Metizsoft will help you exhale. We are an expert team of mobile app developers and able to meet your bespoke Taxi Booking Mobile App requirements.

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What is The Importance of On-Demand Taxi Booking Apps & How Much Does it Cost to Develop?

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