The Key Features that an on Demand Laundry App Should have and How much it could cost to develop an online Laundry platform?

The current time is a trending time. Where every human wants to reduce physical efforts. Also via using laundry app one can spare a lot of time. Hence, it proves to be quite tedious for people to manage such activities. Thus, the Laundry Mobile Apps comes in the trade as a rescue to the people from investing their time into washing clothes.

The on-demand laundry mobile apps are getting great momentum in the current trend. This is also effective from a business perspective and it opens a lot of opportunities for businesses.

Revenue of laundry services in the United States From 2008-2022 (in million U.S. dollars)

Revenue of laundry services in US

A lot of effort is needed to be put into for developing a feature-rich laundry Mobile Application.

What is the key feature that A rich laundry mobile application should have?

Let’s get insides:

Steps Included in Laundry Mobile App

Basically, there could be 3 panels in order to develop a laundry mobile app.

  • User(Customer) Side

  • Admin Side

  • Service Provider Side

Let’s get deep into these sections in order to understand some more insights into Laundry Mobile App Development.

User(Customer) Side:

  • Registration:
    The user will be able to register on the app using either email or phone number along with some profile information.
  • Near By Associated Laundry Services:
    A backend feature will showcase the all nearby laundry services associated or registered with the application.
  • Types of services:
    Upon selecting a service provider user will be able to choose a specific service he/she would like to serve for.
  • The price associated with any service:
    Specific service will have a price associated with that. Upon completion of the service, a user needs to pay that specific amount.
  • Expected pickup and delivery date:
    A user will be able to choose an expected service date and pickup date. That would be easy for the service provider to look into.
  • Request for service:
    The user can make a service request after completing all mandatory steps.
  • Track your service Request:
    The user can track the service request like whether it is accepted or rejected.
  • Track laundryman/Delivery boy on the map:
    The user will be able to live track of the service provider on google map.
  • Payment feature:
    A user can pay for the service using the application.
  • Refer friend and reward feature:
    A user will be able to refer a friend to the application. This feature will compensate the user with some reward points.
  • Review and Rating feature:
    A user will be able to submit the review for the service provided by the service provider.

Service Provider Side:

Laundry Service Provider Side

  • Signup/Login:
    Any company or service provider could register with the platform by signing up for the application. Once signup the service provider will be able to log in.
  • Manage Profile:
    A service provider will be able to update and manage profile information.
  • Manage Charges:
    The service provider can add, update and manage service charges according to the services provided by.
  • List of Requests:
    Service Provider can check the list of requests, received from users.
  • Manage Status:
    The service provider can update the request status which will reflect the user later on.
  • Manage Offers and Discounts:
    Service Providers will be able to add and manage offers/discounts that can be used by users.
  • List Review/Rating:
    A list of reviews submitted by users will be shown to the service provider.

Super Admin Side:

  • User Management:
    The admin will be able to manage all users associated with the application. Service providers also will be able to manage by the super admin. Super admin will be able to block on unblocking any user, anytime.
  • Service Category Management:
    Super admin will be able to manage the categories associated with the application.
  • Payment Management:
    Admin will be able to manage all payments occurring on the platform.
  • Content Management:
    Content related to the application will be managed by the admin.
  • Dashboard:
    Super admin will have all business figures and statistics on the dashboard inform of charts and numbers.

The Generic Features Of the Laundry & Dry Clean Services Mobile App:

  • Push Notifications:
    User Should receive notification or SMS upon an occurrence of an event like request approval, payment completed, etc.
  • Messaging:
    This feature will allow the user to create a message thread to the service provider within the application.
  • Pay in Several ways:
    This feature will allow the user to get the payment done in several ways. The user should use the Credit card, Debit card, etc.
  • COD payment:
    This feature will allow the user to choose a payment option by which he/she can get the payment done at the time of delivery.
  • Synchronization:
    The application should be synchronized between different devices.
  • Local Data Storage:
    This feature will allow the application to store user-specific data locally in order to get the application performance smooth and streamlined.

Final Word

How much it could cost in Laundry Mobile App Development?

Building a Laundry & Dry Cleaning Mobile App could be simple and complex as well. That depends on the feature it has and the utilities it provides. A laundry mobile application with key features can be anywhere between $10000 – $20000 US Dollars and can take between 2–3 months.

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The Key Features that an on Demand Laundry App Should have and How much it could cost to develop an online Laundry platform?

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