Finally Say Good Bye 2018…! Year End Party

Metiz fiesta de fin de año

As we come to the end of this 2k18, we call it a wonderful and staining year. For every successful company, their team of employees is important, so we took care of them and so, we all a day out with Team Metizsoft. Where the hidden skill and stress come out so, we chose Bansari Greens Resort, A wonderful place to enjoy with all.

Lets take a breakfast

Start from every beginning we react to our destination at the resort, the place for amazing.

We were welcomed by some welcome drinks, and had our breakfast and “It was yummy”.

Now What?

It was now then time to place some outdoor games, all we love “Cricket”.

We played like the real match and one of the team make 55 runs in just 10 over’s. So, the opposite team some with the target of 56 runs on the field to bat. They were beat the score in just 9 over’s and called it a Victory.

Team Metizsoft Playing Cricket

It’s now timed to play a second game that is “Musical Chair”, we played two rounds with different teams as we have a good number of people for this game.

Then we finally come to the last part of the game, the winner of both the team was playing and out of which the final winner was declared.

Team Metizsoft Playing Musical Chair

Time to fill Belly

It’s noon now and we all were starving of hunger, so we are directly rush to the Dining place for lunch.

Starting from soup, starter and then to the main course, food was delicious, and we don’t waste a single second for lunch.

Time for Relaxation.

Just outside the Dining room, we have a huge swimming pool, and we can’t stop our self-driving into it.

So, we just change to a swimming suit and jump into the pool. We played some water games and chilled into the pool, also, we can’t forget about photos, take some cool pics in the water.

Swimming Time

After the pool, time to play some luck and strategy games!

We start with a bottle on head race, it was all about the balancing, mind control, and strategy between the team. Now, it time for Hi-tea.

Now, It’s Time to Show Our Metizians

After having snacks we direct went for the group photo, we found the perfect location for our big team.

Family Metizsoft

The time, location and atmosphere for awesome, we took some outstanding photos.

Then we played Housey – a game of luck.

played housey

Time for Secret Santa

Finally, we are the main part of the event that is Secret Santa, and gifts distribution to the winner of various games that we played, also, for the Employee of the month award.

Gifts Exchange Game

Now what to do next?

Ami gujju loko,
Our any event or picnic is incomplete without Garba,
A halo Garba ramva
Also, time to show some moves, on DJ.

Team Metizsoft Playing Garba

Dinner Time

OK! After such an agreeable time, supper with partners was a genuine inclination.

We had customary Gujarati Food with treats toward the end. For the benefit of the entire Team Members, we are appreciative of Metizsoft for making the day important.

Wait How can we forget our unique game?

Inhouse Games

We’ve really! Truly! Delighted in every single piece of this picnic, we additionally thank our Fellows for adding to make this excursion magnificent.

It was a stunning experience and we overall had a great time enjoying over selves throughout the day.

Finally Say Good Bye 2018…! Year End Party

Chetan Patel

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