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As time passes and technology advances, people’s shopping preferences are evolving from good to better to the best. Recently, you may have noticed numerous innovative and comprehensive shopping websites. People are exploring all categories to earn a living. The greatest advantage is the convenient accessibility of the internet and devices.

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Being a reliable eCommerce development company, we often come across many different web development visions from various clients. However, this project, “Build Your Box,” has gotten our unparalleled attention from the pitch.

The client shared his idea and asked whether we could perfectly picture the vision within a specific time. We accept the challenge with a confident and full, excited smile.

Here is a summary of the project, including our expectations, the challenges we anticipate, and our approach to creating the best eCommerce site.


Build Your Own Box - Overview!

Build Your Box is an intuitive candy boutique that allows users to create personalized gifts with a click effortlessly. It is your one-stop destination if your search segment surrounds a sweet indulgence, a unique present, or a personalized party favor! The brand comprises a wide range of delicious, high-quality candy options perfect for satisfying your sweet cravings and gifts for loved ones.

“Now you can customize your Gift Box and add a special card on top of it to make it special and unique for loved ones on special occasions!”
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Stumbling Blocks & Challenges!

Crafting an eCommerce or shopping site is a manageable task for us, and we are a renowned eCommerce development company with an experienced and agile team to make it happen. However, creating a personalized shopping site with selected features, functionalities, and themes challenges us to showcase our excellence and creativity.

I won’t say we had a tough time working on this project. But every new project comes with new expectations, workflows, and vision. To stand out from the crowd, one must cope with the ever-evolving tech stacks and bring reasonable solutions. 

When we onboarded this project, we were excited. We knew that a lot of learning and new skill level awaited us in each development stage. Hence, we stand firm to fight against the odds to overcome every obstacle.

In contrast, we start the project following the usual process. 

  • Project discussion (Meetings with clients)
  • Understanding their visions
  • R&D and taking note regarding the site’s impact on their business and people’s lives
  • Competitor Analysis

These steps are necessary to gather as much information as possible regarding the project. It helps us get an invaluable idea about it and what we should do to make it more flexible and better than the existing ones.

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“Challenges give us the much-needed booster to adapt to the situation and thrive against the odds.”
Our Process

We follow a simplified & Impactful roadmap!

Being a crowned mobile and web development company, we believe in keeping the development process simple yet highly result-driven. We focus on one step at a time and try to make the most out of it.

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Highlights & Benefits - Explained!

There’s a reason behind every innovation and business idea. Each project comprises a purpose – a solid vision to leave a legacy for a lifetime. The Build Your Own Box is no different from such a prophecy. It, too, has some extinguished highlights and benefits that represent its motive.

Highlights highlights

Benefits Benefits

  • Build Your Box is for special moments like weddings, baby showers, and birthdays.
  • You can choose box size accordingly (Small, Large, Epic)
  • Include a personalized custom label that matches your theme colors.
  • Fun tools to select a design and add your personal message to the label.
  • You can customize your gift box with various flavored candies and gift cards suitable to the occasion.
  • Your gift box will be unique, easily recognizable, and stay in your guest's memory.
  • FREE SHIPPING on orders of $45 OR above
  • A life-long membership to enjoy seamless services and gift cards


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Result & Outcome of The Project!


So after many days of consistent efforts, we completed this project on promised time. Of course, we ran multiple AB testing on different devices and platforms. In contrast, we made some last-minute changes according to the testing results suggested by the cliecan

You will be able to navigate through the website, whether hovering, filling out forms, or registering. We have taken measures to ensure the content is optimized for readability and SEO.

Whether you access the site on your mobile screen, tablet, or desktop, you’ll enjoy the same smooth experience. The site loads faster, providing users with a new and improved shopping and gifting experience.



Final Words! 

We had a great experience creating the customized “Build Your Box Shopify app”. We learned more than expected from this project and are excited to take on similar challenges in different categories. We thank Mr. Chetan and Mr. Manthan for their invaluable support and guidance.