Things to Remember Before Switching to IOS App Development With an Android Background!

In this competitive era of digitalization, having multiple skill-set is a blessing in disguise, especially if you are a developer advancing your career in mobile app development. Both Android and IOS developers have the upper hand over their skills at any given time. But, in the past couple of years, transportation from Android to IOS has increased significantly.

Switching from one app development forum to another is never easy. Also, it’s not a decision that you take overnight. You might have seen the brighter side of it, but you should have prepared yourself for the hindrances before jumping into it.

Transmitting your potential energy into a new skill takes time. You have to stick with your decision and need to work regularly to make the most out of it.

Compared to Android (2.5 billion), IOS (1.4 billion) has a less active device running around the globe. The stats might hit you hard on your subconscious mind but, remember, change is necessary for growth in every field of work.

Pay Close Attention While Learning The New Language

As stated above, learning a new language is an arduous path to cross. You are switching your career title and stepping into a new set of Algorithm configuration, code writing, and IDE use.

You might find similarities in the concept and style of writing, but you have to pay close attention while learning the relevant language. As you are used to the term like this, extends, implements in Java. But using Swift, you have to use words like delegates, objects, inheritance, subclasses, etc.

In IOS development, Objective-C and Swift are the two most preferred languages. As you have a firm grip over Java and Kotlin during your Android development tenure, you will catch the syntax of Objective-C and Swift instantly.

Choose The Correct IDE

Picking the best IDE for IOS might give you a headache. Of course, you have Google and IOS enthusiasts to help you out. But, we suggest you choose XCode as your IOS IDE. While writing the code, you will benefit significantly from its user-friendly and fast response landscape.

Available on Apple Play Store.

Keep An Eye Over User-Interface

Both IOS and Android app development come with a different user interface. Whereas Android copes with XML while building its user interface, IOS encapsulates X-Code as a storyboard. With the help of the storyboard, you can easily connect the View Controller and coordinate transitions to build an easy-to-use, eye-catching User Interface for your users.

The significant advantage you will get from using Xcode storyboard is that it comes with built-in user interface components, whereas drag and drop are the same with Android IDEs.

Different App Screens

Select Activity = ViewController

Different Transition Screens

Start Activity(Intent) = Segue

With Segue alongside, you don’t have to write separate code for separate screens as the same written is applicable on both. You will save both time, energy, and complexities issue over a different set of code.

Keep A Note On List Functionality

Being an Android developer for a more extended period, you must have created many lists for Table View or Table View controllers using List Fragment, List Activity, & Recycler View.

Well, IOS uses the lists of UITableView and UICollectionView.

Dependency Management For IOS Development

As an Android developer, you know Gradle’s dependency management to install and upgrade those packages. But, as you are switching IOS now, you need to update yourself with CocoaPods for the same.

Advantages & Disadvantages of IOS Development

Every Operating System comes with both advantages and disadvantages. As you have already made up your mind to become an IOS developer, you should be aware of its benefits and drawbacks at an earlier stage.


Performances – IOS apps are stable, fast, and easy to use. Its uninterrupted responsiveness makes it the most soothing and brings agility to users.

Intuitive UI/UX designApple has its UI guide that helps developers build exceptional User Interfaces for users. The robust combination of software and hardware followed by timely maintenance brings flexibility to the users.

Generates High RevenueAs IOS apps come with a paid service and users often purchase apps from the store, it automatically generates higher revenue.

Authentic Toolkit – Apple has many authentic toolkits that ensure a seamless app development process.


Longer Release TimeApple play store is more restrictive for review and preview. A lack of content and poor performance will add vulnerability to your app, leading to the removal from the play store.

Higher Paid Service – Even though there are many frameworks available for use, developers won’t get it for free and have to pay to use it.

You can only use Mac – You have to use a Mac to program and run the app simulator.

Learn & Build

Both Android and IOS share the same app developing process. The only significant difference is that the IOS’s simulator designing & running is considerably fast compared to Android.

Although, Google has recently released a new version of emulator for faster and reliable operation. Android might come close in upcoming times.

Android keeps it simple and precise during app testing, as you will get instant outcomes over how the app opp is performing.

But in IOS, a couple of registration and license check formalities will occur, which may take longer than usual. Of course, Xcode comes in handy to handle in case of any errors.

Final Thought

As you have already decided to move ahead with IOS development, clearing the concept at the beginning will help you grow immensely. You might get blocked ways in your path, but constant learning and implementation will lead your career to the next level.

The IOS market share is growing gradually, and IOS development companies have already seen a jump in their demand compared to the last few years.

So, the future seems to be better and brighter in anyways. We wish you good fortune and assure you of complete assistance whenever possible.

How Metizsoft Limited Can Help You

Weighing over its pros and cons, you indeed have concluded both Android and IOS are much better than earlier. Considering its hindrances and similarity, we would like to suggest you take professional guidance to avoid confusion at the earliest level of your IOS development career.

Over the years, Metizsoft Limited has been a pioneer in the IOS development sector. We are fortunate to tell you that you can hire IOS App developers from Metizsoft to build your IOS app. While the cost differs based on your requirement, we assure you of sheer assistance throughout the app development process.

Things to Remember Before Switching to IOS App Development With an Android Background!

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