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Why Migrate from AngularJS to Angular? How will it help you?

Do you want to migrate from AngularJS to Angular? We will take you through the benefits of migrating to AngularJS to help you know how this migration can be helpful for you.

What is the Angular Framework?

Angular is one of the most well-known frameworks for building high-quality applications for both mobile and desktop. Angular was introduced in 2016, and since then, it has grown to be a popular framework for building quality apps.

This framework has several advanced capabilities that make the code more structured and efficient.

AngularJS and Angular are both remarkable frameworks. Many people think AngularJS and Angular are the same, but that’s not the case.

The difference between both is that Angular is the name for the Angular of today and tomorrow, whereas AngularJS is the name for all the 1. x versions of Angular.

Many people are not satisfied with the framework of their application because of several possible reasons.

For those who don’t want to continue with the existing framework, migrating the app to another framework is always possible.

If you are not happy with your existing AngularJS app, you can consider AngularJS to Angular migration. Moving from AngularJS to Angular might be tricky, so you need to know everything about it.

To clarify the migration to you, we will discuss the primary reasons to migrate from AngularJS to Angular.

Top Reasons to Migrate from AngularJS to Angular

  • Architecture

AngularJS framework uses MVC architecture, whereas Angular uses component-based architecture. Angular architecture is more preferred for building a dynamic user interface for an application.

Moreover, MVC architecture has various features for various application development levels, which might create chaos, whereas Angular uses components with all the features in a single class, leading to a more efficient development than AngularJS.

Thus, the architecture of Angular is more preferable for building high-quality apps than AngularJS.

  • Structure

Angular is built on a different structure than AngularJS. The difference in the structure of both makes the new Angular model more efficient for creating more complex and enriched applications.

However, AngularJS’s structure is simpler than Angular and, therefore, not preferred for building complex applications.

Moreover, Angular has a clearer and neater code structure with features like better dependency injection than AngularJS. Thus, this feature of Angular enables more efficient development.

  • Mobile Support

AngularJS is not a preferred framework to support mobile apps. However, Angular 2 and other versions of Angular do support various devices.

The inability of AngularJS to keep mobile apps has become a significant reason for many developers to migrate their app from AngularJS to Angular.

Since the world is moving towards mobile with technological advancement, more and more developers are looking forward to building apps that run smoothly on mobile devices.

Thus, for this reason, many developers are migrating their existing AngularJS to Angular.

  • Material Design

Angular five came up with the component development kit, which is the core of the Angular material component library and allows the development team to create their elements.

Angular implements responsive design smoothly and is more extensible than AngularJS. Moreover, Angular supports 2. x versions, unlike AngularJS.

Angular also has an improved user experience with the help of material design, and it is one of the primary reasons businesses migrate from AngularJS to Angular.

  • Speed & Performance

Angular is more modern than AngularJS in many aspects, and that also includes its speed. Angular supports a component-based architecture instead of MVC, and that makes Angular programming run faster than AngularJS.

When it comes to performance, Angular has a more advanced data binding algorithm compared to the two-way binding of AngularJS.

Moreover, Angular supports static typing, unlike AngularJS, which prevents runtime errors that create problems for AngularJS in building complex applications.

Thus, with AngularJS migration, your application will have better speed and performance enhancement.

  • Language

Language is probably one of the significant differences between Angular and AngularJS as Angular uses TypeScript and AngularJS uses javaScript.

Typescript has more features than JavaScript, and it is a preferred language for front-end development. On top of that, typescript has the capabilities to handle large and complex projects, unlike JavaScript.

TypeScript also ensures better productivity as a programmer can detect the errors automatically while coding and ensure efficiency. Moreover, typescript also writes cleaner code that can be reused easily.

  • Updates

Angular provides the developers with maximum stability for critical applications. The angular community decided to use a time-based publishing cycle with semantic visioning.

With a time-based publishing cycle, we can expect new versions of Angular every six months. Thus, regular updates are another essential benefit of AngularJS to Angular migration.

After looking at the reasons to migrate from AngularJS to Angular, we will look at some of the top benefits of Angular Migration.

 How is Angular Migration Going to Benefit your Business?  

  • Future-Proofing

This is one of the top benefits of migrating from AngularJS to Angular. Because of the future of Angular, many businesses have commenced implementing steps to upgrade from AngularJS to Angular.

One of the reasons behind such success of Angular is that its support is quite strong, and updates are being released frequently.

Therefore, migrating from AngularJS to Angular is a way to future-proof your application and grow its business with the proper framework.

  • Efficient Development

Angular is more advanced than AngularJS in terms of its architecture, structure, and features. Angular’s code is cleaner, more efficient architecture, and the development process is better and smoother than AngularJS.

AngularJS has its benefits, but it’s not a suitable platform for building large and complex applications.

Therefore, business owners prefer to migrate from AngularJS to Angular when it comes to building complex apps.

  • Prevents Code Errors

AngularJS uses javaScript, whereas Angular uses TypeScript, which has a type-checking feature. This feature helps the developers to avoid compile-time errors as the mistakes become easily detectable with this feature.

Moreover, TypeScript code can be edited in the browser, making the debugging easier and helps in detecting errors at an early stage.

  • Better Performance

This is probably the most fundamental reason behind AngularJS to Angular migration.

Most business owners look for better performance of their app, and when they don’t get the performance they had expected, they plan to migrate to a better platform.

Angular offers the best practices in terms of boosting performance and providing feature-rich solutions.

Thus, the number of businesses migrating to Angular has also increased because of the better and improved performance.

  • Reduced Costs

Angular reduces the development cycle and simplifies debugging and maintenance. This leads to saving costs and smaller paychecks for developers as they will spend less time working on the code and thus save time and cost both.

Along with this, you will be able to save a lot on third-party tools like webstorm or brackets since Angular has an official command-line interface CLI and other external tools are also available.

These were some of the significant benefits of Angular migration that the business owners consider during AngularJS to Angular migration. If you are planning to migrate to Angular, it’s the right time to migrate.

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Why Migrate from AngularJS to Angular? How will it help you?

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