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How Much Does It Cost To Developing A Voice Chat App Like Clubhouse?

Online apps are highly profitable and promising, and therefore, the demand for online apps has been increasing rapidly. In the past few years, many companies and business owners have invested in building high-quality social media voice chat apps to connect friends and families digitally.

Among these voice chat apps, Clubhouse is the most popular one. It has become a popular social media app for connecting with friends and platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

People have started using Clubhouse even more during the Covid-19 pandemic because everyone needs a little distraction and tries to stay connected with their friends and family, even if it’s online.

What is Clubhouse, and what does it do?

The Clubhouse is a voice-based social media app that uses audio messages for communication and engages multiple users to come together and talk about various things.

In the pandemic, it has become a great pass time for many people. The application was launched in May 2020, and since then, it has caught the attention of many entrepreneurs and developers globally.

In such a short period, the app has more than 9 million global downloads, and its popularity has touched the sky. Initially, it was developed only for iOS, but now it is available for Android as well.

In Clubhouse, the users have to register themselves with a profile image and name. after this, the users get a list of rooms created by other members, and these rooms are the bound community focused on the creator.

You can participate in the ongoing conversation in the room or listen to it. The Clubhouse is a unique and exclusive voice chat application, and therefore, you can join this app only by invitation.

What are some of the top features to add to a voice chat app like Clubhouse?

We will share some of the features that must be there in a voice chat app like Clubhouse. These features make the app complete and improve its performance.

  • Onboarding

You need to enter your name and upload an image once you join Clubhouse and then join any room you prefer. Every new user in the Clubhouse is muted by default and but they can unmute themselves whenever they want.

  • User Profile

Every app has a user profile which consists of information like name, profile picture, and a short description.

Other participants in the room can check the identity and account of the speaker, and like that, all the participants can identify the club membership of each other.

  • Rooms

This is probably the highlight feature of a voice chat. In a voice chat app like Clubhouse, discussions happen in a room. You can participate in a meeting or create your room as well.

All you have to do is click the “start room” button on the bottom part of the screen. The room has a feature where you can raise your hand if you have any questions to ask the speaker without interrupting them.

  • Search

This is another essential and must-have feature in any voice chat app. The search feature in the social media app helps in offering live content. The clubhouse app allows people to select the people they prefer to follow or search.

  • Screen Sharing

Screen sharing enables other people to view your screen, and this is an excellent feature of voice chat apps.

It becomes easier for the users to communicate effectively with each other with the help of visuals. On top of that, screen sharing results in a more engaging discussion on the app.

  • Push Notifications

Voice chat apps improves user engagement through push notifications, and therefore, push notification is an essential feature of such apps.

The app also informs the users of the upcoming scheduled events with push notifications if any of the followers start a new room.

  • End-To-End Encryption

Privacy is becoming an essential and popular factor in any social media app. Many apps such as WhatsApp have faced criticism for multiple years due to the loopholes in their security.

Therefore, you can satisfy the users by providing end-to-end encryption for better security of the data.

  • File Sharing

Users exchange files on all the social media apps, and voice chat apps are no exception. Users share images and documents with each other all the time, and therefore, you research your target audience to determine the size limit of the files.

After discussing the must-have features of voice chat apps, we come back to the main question: How much does develop a voice chat app as Clubhouse costs? The answer to this question is a little complex as many parameters decide the cost of voice chat app development.

 Important Factors to Take Care of While Developing a Voice Chat Mobile App.

  • Market Research

Conducting research and reaching the right audience is the first step to building a successful voice chat mobile app. Before you begin with the development, you should first identify your target audience, understand their behavioral trends.

Market research will help you understand certain factors, such as the audience’s average age, the devices they use, their expectation of security, and much more.

Thus, it is suggested to conduct market research to understand the target audience to give a kickstart to the app development.

  • Attractive & Eye-Catching Design

The design or first look matters the most when it comes to a mobile app. The design of the app is the first thing users will notice when they visit your app.

The app design should be unique and attractive at the same time and must catch the attention of the users.

The app developers should design the app in such a way that attracts the users and encourage them to navigate through the app.

  • Choose a App Development Company

This will decide the success of your voice chat mobile app. A development team can either make or break your project idea and therefore, you have to choose the company carefully for building your app.

You must conduct in-depth research of the company and choose the one which seems the most promising.

Once you choose a team, select the features you want in the app and discuss them with the development team. The skilled app development company will offer the best services and benefit you in the long run.

  • Develop an MVP

If you have developed your app, you should run a test launch which is called MVP. The MVP is the prototype of the app, which contains the vital functional elements included in the product. MVP also consists of essential aspects which can improve the user experience and replaces irrelevant features.

All these factors decide the final cost of app development. As every app has different needs, the cost of development also varies. You can hire a full-time developer to help you with the best voice chat app in a short time.

Some of the factors responsible for the cost of a voice chat app are the tech stack, period of development, the number of developers hired, project size, features, time frame, etc. all these factors together decide the final cost of the app development.

Reach out to Metizsoft Solutions to know the Expected Cost of Development

You can reach out to Metizsoft Solutions, which is a renowned mobile app development company if you want to build a voice chat app like Clubhouse.

We will review your project and give you an estimated cost of development as per your requirements. You can discuss your project with our  developers and get the most impressive app development services.

Get in touch with our app developers team to learn more about mobile app development.

How Much Does It Cost To Developing A Voice Chat App Like Clubhouse?

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