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Key Benefits of Using AWS as Your Cloud Platform in Real World

“Cloud computing has become appallingly obvious and gives an ultimate realization of Modern Technology.”

AWS stands for Amazon Web Services, a subsidiary of one of the best, well-known E-commerce global servers- Amazon offers on-demand cloud computing platforms and APIs. According to recent reports, AWS dominates the cloud computing market area with more than 33.9% global market share and is expected to reach $354.6 billion in 2022. Having established itself, Amazon continues to lead the worldwide laaS- worldwide infrastructure as a service.

An Introduction to AWS Technology

Amazon Web Services is dedicated to maintaining a cloud computing platform that offers you a virtual environment for your operating system, programming language, web application platform, and other services your application needs.

An AWS is a comprehensive cloud computing platform provided by Amazon in 2006 that focuses on highly loaded resources and portals.

Why is AWS so Successful

According to the Industry estimates, AWS continues to make up a sizeable proportion in both hosting and data storage in particular.

AWS hosts more than nine million live websites; moreover, AWS is a preferred choice for many global enterprises and well-known leading companies like Netflix, Facebook, and the BBC.

AWS- Cloud Computing Platform is gaining popularity, and in just seven years, the revenue growth has increased more than ten times in both market share and usage.

Structure of AWS

This unique tool is designed in the AWS CloudFormation system, where users can use virtual machines of different configurations as per their requirements.

The well-structured AWS is based on operation, excellence, security, reliability, performance, efficiency, and cost optimization pillars.

The AWS has serverless architectures that help cloud architects build secure, resilient, and cost optimization frameworks to identify high-risk issues and record your improvements.

Usage of AWS

AWS has an eco-system that primarily focuses on cloud computing services which provides information repository and distributed data storage application, security and protection system, virtual server rental system, artificial intelligence service system, and Internet of Things platform.

Moreover, the system aligns to guide improvements and cornerstone at confidentiality, integrity, and establishing controls to detect security events.

Let us discuss and figure some key-smart benefits of aws, the highly profitable Amazon division – AWS for your upcoming projects.

Comprehensive & Flexible Monitoring System

Amazon Web Services came to public use in 2004. Since then, the businesses got a chance to have less variable costs supplanting infrastructure and provided an easy, versatile dependable platform on the cloud.

Moreover, the Amazon company constantly works on effective monitoring and alerting solutions. The two leading technologies are AWS Cloudwatch and SNS.

1. AWS Cloudwatch

The AWS platform is designed to allow a virtual platform for providing an access to compute and store resources when you need them.

AWS Cloudwatch is an automated dashboard for collecting, monitoring the operational data in forms of logs, metrics and events.

AWS Cloudwatch can be used in Amazon EC2 that helps you to establish control of all computational process without the expenditure of your own resources. Moreover, there are two AWS Cloudwatch tasks shared below

  • AWS Cloudwatch alarm

    This frees up to an essential resource. It reduces Mean Time to Resolutions- MTTR and generates various kinds of load on the servers’ subsystem, the processor, and memory consumptions. You may use the AWS Cloudwatch alarm system to notify the memory consumption to a certain level, figure out the nature of the load, and analyze how to reduce it.

  • Responding to Change in AWS Cloudwatch Metrics

    This is a new Cloudwatch event that provides you to track real-time streams and react to changes to your AWS resource. This means initiating the process of increasing the server’s reliability and taking automated actions to keep your application running smoothly.

2. SNS

Amazon Simple Notifying Services is a fully managed service that offers a straightforward way to organize internal corporate and mobile messaging for both application-to-application (A2A) and application-to-person (A2P) communication.

There are many benefits of the SNS system, which modernize your applications and provide redundancy across multiple SMS providers.

Moreover, the tool is focused on sending messages anywhere with SMS and Email support.

AWS is the most comprehensive and broadly adopted Cloud Computing Technology.”

Increasing Content Delivery & Agility

“Go Global in Minutes.” The cloud computing environment is aimed at increasing the speed and content delivery which is Content Delivery Network- CDN.

This CDN allows speeding up the content and results in distributing numerous content delivery to the different parts of the world.

In addition to this, the system allows the reliability of the content delivery during the period of Distributed Denial of Service-DDoS.

Productive and Convenient Mail and Mailing Lists- AWS provides convenient mail and mailing lists like Promotional Email Campaigning and bulk Emailing BTW and AWS WorkMail.


simple email service aimed at sending mass or regular emails without setting up your own server.

ASW SES is a remarkable E-commerce service providing notification of the delivery, order status, and confirmation of the purchase without being added to the blacklist of the senders.

This is mainly a marketing service that enables minimizing the fuzz with your personal mail server setting. In addition to this, AWS SES manages to configure you to receive the email at your convenient terms.

  • BTW

It is important to note that to work AWS SES, you must have access to DNS- records of the domain that works SMTP protocol.

  • AWS WorkMail

In simple terms, AWS WorkMail is similar to Gmail’s web interface and functionality.

This tool is high in demand, which helps send and receive emails without any complicated server settings. There are certain features of AWS WorkMail, such as.

The system can work with both webmail and client mail versions, which recently supports Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail, and Mozilla.

By Default, the AWS WorkMail has a very convenient domain registration system offering %

The system is carrying Microsoft Active Directory Accounts Support System and Data encryption system.

AWS Cloud Storage System

This undisputed cloud computing system has an unlimited cloud storage system offering 200 fully-featured products and services all over the world.

The system helped solve the problem of storing files- AWS S3, which is referred to as a cloud-based file object storage, allowing the storage of numbers of files/documents in an Amazon disk space.

There are mainly four data storage classes in S3 like:

  • Amazon S3 Standard- You can Experience reliability and scalability with the most popular general-storage application (Amazon S3).
  • Amazon S3 One Zone-Infrequent Access- This is a new storage data designed for customers who want a lower-cost option for infrequent access data.
  • Amazon S3 Standard- Infrequent access- This is an object storage class that is accessed less frequently with high durability and high throughput performance of S3 standards.
  • Amazon S3 Glacier-This is an online storage service provider for data archiving and back-ups.

Responsive Infrastructure with Auto Scaling

AWS Auto Scaling monitors the applications to optimize performance and tools. Among some challenges, the biggest challenge is having the highly uncertain nature of the load.

AWS Auto Scaling tool allows adapting the performance of servers and resources hosted on Amazon.

Moreover, scaling is automatically performed, which leads to creating an additional server with similar settings and data.

How Auto Scaling Work

AWS Auto Scaling structure is flexible, resilient, and constantly changing the load patterns. At the same time, load balancing ensures that the load is being evenly distributed between existing servers.

Auto Scaling is a robust approach that attempts to scale up resources when user demand is high while keeping the costs reasonable.

In fact, you can easily define custom metrics and create scaling rules to decide your setup.

Manage DNS Records

DNS records are the most basic type tool used to point a domain or subdomain to an IP address. DNS resource records reflect the accordance of the name and the IP address to have an accessible platform when working with hosting or making some settings in the domain resource records.

AWS route 53

This virtual record type is also “Alias.” DNS records are basically managed through AWS route 53, which effectively connects users’ requests to infrastructure running in AWS.

This is a particular type of record that maps your DNS name to your Amazon CloudFront distribution.

The three main combinations and functions are:

  • DNS Registration
  • DNS Routing
  • Heath Checking

Moreover, this is a highly available Domain name system released in 2010. This system is majorly part of Amazon Web Services.

Moreover, Routes and 53 refers to the TCP/UDP port 53 and helps connect the browser with your website and web applications.

The AWS route 53 operation principle enables AWS customers to route users to non-AWS infrastructure and supports end-to-end DNS resolution. 

 Offering Docker Container and Amazon ECR

Docker is an open platform with a principle for developing, shipping, and running applications and enables you to separate your applications from infrastructure.

On the other hand, you can also manage your infrastructure in the same way you work your applications. The most significant advantage of Doker is to it provide cost-effective applications and fast deployment.

This software platform helps developers speed the delivery of modern apps to the cloud and provides an application that runs on Amazon EC2 Container Service.

The integration between Docker and Amazon ECS allows running multi-container applications locally.

Basically, Docker uses storage drivers to change or manage the content image, image layer, or an intermediate image.

Amazon ECR is a fully managed container registry that makes high-performance container management services.

ECS supports Docker and allows you to run applications on a managed cluster of Amazon EC2 easily.

Moreover, Amazon provides two different services: ECS- EC2 Container Service and ECR- EC2 Container Registry.

Amazon remains at the number one position in the cloud computing market. With passage of time, Amazon has developed excellent solutions; therefore, many companies are planning to shift to AWS like Mircosoft, Alibaba, and Tencent.

Global Infrastructure

AWS do not use your content or drive any information from AWS Regions without your consent and permission. Amazon S3- Amazon Simple Storage Service is an object storage service that customers can use from all sizes and industries and can protect any amount of data at any range.

Moreover, this saves costs without scarifying performance and provides a wide range of cost-effective storage classes.

  • Site-to-Site Topology

Site-to-site VPNs are a traditional model, and this approach works when the company has an in-house data center.

Amazon Site-to-Site Topology enables you to access your remote network from your VPC-Virtual Private Clouding and configure routing to pass traffic through connections.

This is a permanent relationship that is established between the office routers and doesn’t require actions from the end-users.

  • Remote Access VPN Topology

This VPN topology is a different method to connect office and corporate staff. Remote Access VPN has become the central focus and has changed the dynamics of a secure IP network.

Moreover, it is convenient when the companies have more employees and can connect different users to the network.

The evolved architecture has the robust power to reach the marketplaces with limited initial investments.

Towards the end, I would like to conclude by adding, from selecting the operating system to scalable and most secured performance application, AWS has been honed for a decade, offering an end-to-end approach to software measures.

A Small Synopsis

Last but not least, Amazon Web Services isn’t only the front runner of cloud platform solutions; however, the leading cloud provider in the computing world has far outpaced its competition to many companies like ESPN, Adobe, Twitter, Netflix, Facebook, and BBC.

AWS employees are constantly working on continuous improvement and advancement of AWS technology.

Get in touch with us with your business-dream idea for an amazingly- remarkable Amazon Web Services (AWS) app development service with stunning and top-notch functionality.

Key Benefits of Using AWS as Your Cloud Platform in Real World

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