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Pooja Panchal Shared her 6-Years of Work Journey with Metizsoft Filled with Commitment, Growth and Success

Pooja Panchal, the Human Resource Manager at Metizsoft Solutions, shared her impeccable 6 years of work journey with gratitude. She is the very first human resource manager of our company, and her positive attitude and strategic planning have played a vital role in the company’s growth and success through the years.

How has your Journey been with Metizsoft so Far?

I feel immense gratitude for sharing my work journey at Metizsoft Solutions Private Limited. I take pride in being a part of the Metizsoft family. I joined the company as an HR executive in 2015, and I have only grown professionally and personally since then.

I was thrilled when I joined the company as I was the first HR executive back then. I was a little nervous, too, as I had just stepped my foot in the corporate world.

There were 20-22 employees back when I joined the company. I helped the company to frame new policies for the employees and focus on employee benefits.

Being in human resource management, I aimed to help the company expand and reach the right candidates to grow and expand our team.

With the guidance and support of Mr. Chetan Sheladiya and Mr. Manthan Bhavsar, we defined new strategies to reach the right candidate and thus started expanding our team.

My managers showed trust in me, which encouraged me to use my decision-making power for the company’s benefit.

In the past 6 years, I attended many seminars and conferences with the team, which boosted my confidence and skills. We also expanded our HR team through the years, and today, we are a family of 70+ employees.

With the right guidance and work environment, I learned, grew, and became confident and successful, all thanks to Metizsoft.

How will you Describe your Work at Metizsoft?

My work journey at Metizsoft has been an exciting ride ever since I have joined the company. Working as a human resource manager, I have many responsibilities to take care of.

When I joined the company, I was a little nervous, but with the continuous support and guidance of Mr. Chetan and Mr. Manthan, I learned to handle everything with professionalism.

Metizsoft provided me the flexibility and right to make decisions on behalf of the company. Through the years, I became more confident, and with my decision-making power, I reached suitable candidates and helped in expanding the team.

With my strategic planning and abilities, I got to work on various policies for employee welfare, which helped me discover new skills in myself.

Overall, Metizsoft Solutions has made me the professional and confident being I am today and continue to work with the company to the best of my potential.

How Metizsoft helped you to develop your Interpersonal and Leadership Skills?

Nobody becomes a leader overnight. It requires years of experience and hard work. Metizsoft let me take my time, work on my weak points, and helped to strengthen my skills over the years.

The directors at Metizsoft Solutions, Mr. Chetan Sheladiya and Mr. Manthan Bhavsar, have always put the employees’ benefits over anything else. They have always supported me and helped me in enhancing my leadership skills.

Today, my roles in the company include handling all the HR functions and leading the team of HR professionals, taking care of employees’ needs, analyzing timely performance reviews, keeping up with the growth and employee satisfaction in the company.

The directors have always listened to my ideas and trusted my abilities which helped me do better and come up with better solutions for the betterment of the company.

Having supportive seniors like them helped me develop my interpersonal and leadership skills over time, and today I can say, with over 6+ years of experience, I have become a true human resource leader.

Describe the Company’s Culture and Strategies as per your Experience

A company’s culture matters the most for a great work environment. Metizsoft believes in employees’ satisfaction and treats all its employees with respect and kindness. The work culture at Metizsoft is quite friendly, and that keeps us all going and encourages us to work even harder.

Metizsoft has young and intelligent talents who always have new creative ideas in their heads. Their creativity and hard work contribute to the overall success. At Metizsoft, we have regular meetings to discuss various projects, challenges, and goals.

Lastly, I would say that we have a positive work culture and a friendly team which helps each other and stay united to overcome any challenge we might come across.

What are the Futuristic Goals of Metizsoft?

Metizsoft solutions are growing every day and have a unique set of goals and values to achieve in the future. We are focusing on employee growth and wellbeing. Along with the directors, I make sure the employees are satisfied and taken care of their needs.

Moreover, our company prioritizes individual development and implements programs that work in favor of the employees and encourage the whole team to meet their goals.

Final Words

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Pooja Panchal Shared her 6-Years of Work Journey with Metizsoft Filled with Commitment, Growth and Success

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