From a Fresher to Senior Shopify Developer, Darshna Patel Shared her Exciting 7 Years Journey with Metizsoft

Darshna Patel, the Senior Shopify Developer at Metizsoft Solutions, recently completed her 7 years work anniversary with Metizsoft Solutions.

Darshna Patel has an exciting work journey to share with us. She started as a fresher, and today, she is the Senior Shopify Developer, and it was all possible due to her commitment, efforts, and ability to learn new skills. She has played an irreplaceable role in the company’s growth through the years.

How was your Journey with Metizsoft Solutions so Far?

My journey with Metizsoft Solutions has been incredible so far. I feel grateful to be a part of a company where I joined as a fresher, learned, strengthened my skills, and became an expert.

Ever since I have joined the company, I have only grown professionally and personally.

I was excited when I joined Metizsoft Solutions, but at the same time, I was quite nervous as it was my first ever corporate job.

I had just entered the corporate world, but I am glad I started my journey with none other than Metizsoft Solutions.

I started my career as a Volusion developer, but with the right guidance of an ex-employee, I learned Shopify and excelled in it.

When I joined Metizsoft Solutions, there were 15 employees, and the team was very supportive and cooperative.

With the guidance and support of Mr. Chetan Sheladiya, Mr. Manthan Bhavsar, and Mr. Bhavin Raval, I learned Shopify development, worked hard to strengthen my skills, and started working with Shopify with dedication.

In the past 7 years, I attended many conferences and seminars with the team, which boosted my confidence and made me a better developer. The team also expanded in the years, and today, we are a family of 70+ employees.

How will you Describe your Work Experience at Metizsoft Solutions?

I am working with a team as amazing as that of Metizsoft Solutions has been an exciting ride till now. As a senior Shopify expert, I have many responsibilities and duties to fulfill and do it with utmost dedication and sincerity.

My responsibilities include handling Shopify projects and developing high-end Shopify apps from scratch.

I have expertise in offering quality Shopify development services with unique features and robust functionality.

With strategic planning and development skills, I work on various projects with national as well as international clients and offer customized Shopify development services.

Overall, I would say that Metizsoft has made me confident, helped me grow and learn with ease, and believed in my skills, and today I am working with the company to the best of my potential.

How has Metizsoft helped you Develop your Interpersonal and Development Skills?

Nobody becomes an expert overnight. It took me years of hard work and experience to reach where I am today. Metizsoft Solutions believed in me, let me take my time, and helped me with the right guidance through the years.

The directors of Metizsoft, Mr. Chetan Sheladiya, and Mr. Manthan Bhavsar have always put the employee’s benefits over anything else.

The other members of the team and seniors always guided me to bring out the best in me and helped me enhance my leadership skills.

Today, we are a team of talented Shopify experts working on several projects with dedication.

Being a core part of the Shopify team gives me immense pleasure and a sense of satisfaction, and I aspire to be as valuable to the team as I can and use my development skills to create high-end Shopify solutions.

Can you Describe the Company’s Work Culture as per your Experience with Them?

If I could describe the company’s culture in one word, I would say it’s AMAZING! The company treats the employees with utmost kindness and respect.

A company’s culture is important for a great work environment, and Metizsoft makes sure to provide that.

I have enjoyed working here all these years because of the amazing work culture and friendly staff that make you feel at home.

The positive work culture encourages all the employees to work harder and stay motivated.

Metizsoft has many intelligent talents in the house who have tons of creative ideas in their heads. Their creativity and hard work contribute to the overall success.

At Metizsoft, we conduct regular meetings to discuss various projects, challenges, and goals, and that’s how we make decisions. It’s teamwork here, and we all contribute to that.

Lastly, I would say that working with Metizsoft has been a fantastic ride for me, and this ride only goes up!

What are the Future Goals of Metizsoft Solutions?

At Metizsoft, we believe in growing with integrity, and that’s what we focus on. Metizsoft Solutions is growing every day and reaching new heights in the eCommerce and IT industry, and with excellent business tactics and acquisition, we focus on achieving our set goals.

Metizsoft Solutions has always considered its employees as the real assets of the company.

Moreover, Metizsoft Solutions prioritizes individual development and implements programs that work in favor of the employees and encourage the whole team to meet their goals.

In the end, I would like to say that there is still a lot to learn, and with Metizsoft, I will learn and grow as a professional and strengthen my skills even more.

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From a Fresher to Senior Shopify Developer, Darshna Patel Shared her Exciting 7 Years Journey with Metizsoft

Pooja Panchal

Pooja Panchal is an HR Manager at Metizsoft Solutions who plays a crucial role in performing HR-related functions and actively handles grievance procedures by solving issues early for a long time. Being our organization's intelligent and potential caretaker, she is also responsible for the development and corporate objectives. Moreover, Pooja has been a high-performer employee in placing the right people in the right job.

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