Boost Your Shopify Stores’ SEO Standard With The Yoast App!

With the daily advancement in Google updates, working on the web page ranking has become a hassle for many executives and marketers globally. Many things need to be taken care of while working on such complex procedures as you never know about Googles’ algorithm changes happening often.

But the beginning of 2022 has brought some positive news from Yoast – one of the best SEO App for Shopify that helps them optimize your Shopify stores’ ranking with ease.

On January 20, Yoast launched its latest paid tool, Shopify SEO App, bringing all the capabilities and features as WordPress plugins.

This news came as a surprise for many as Yoast has a record of supporting open-source platforms, and now, all of a sudden, it has decided to jump into the Shopify SEO segments, which is known to be a close source.

The change in nature of Yoast from open source to the closed source is the ultimate reason for staying ahead of the trend as Shopify has emerged as the number one site for creating SEO-friendly product pages for small and mid-sized organizations.

Considering Yoast Shopify SEO App functionalities, it has 27 languages enabled and is available for users with a 14-day free trial.

After finishing the due trial, the Shopify SEO App will charge you an additional $29/month subscription fee.

Now, let’s dive into how this newly developed Shopify SEO App will help marketers boost Shopify SEO rankings and their additional features to overcome Shopify SEO obstacles.

Create SEO-Friendly Product Pages With The Best SEO App For Shopify

The product pages and blogs need specific SEO configurations to rank on the search engines. With the best SEO App for Shopify, Yoast, besides, it can be an easier task to pull out amidst regular Google update hindrances.

Yoast comes with an advanced SEO analysis dashboard that generates real-time data to help you create a better product page and blog optimization process that boosts your pages’ search engine rankings.

With easy-to-use functionalities and features enabled, Yoast Shopify SEO ensures your online store meets top-notch technical SEO standards amongst competitors globally.

A Sneak Peeks into Some Key Features of the Yoast SEO for Shopify

Easy Optimization of Key Phrases

It was already mentioned above that the new Yoast SEO for Shopify comes in 27 different languages to help optimize the language barrier of your product and blog page. These additional features help Yoast users recognize relevant words, synonyms, and antonyms from your key phrases.

Improved Visibility

The Yoast Shopify SEO automatically adds structured data in the existing system to help Google understand the page details. Once Google finds out the whereabouts of the page, its algorithm starts working on the improvisation of the page and brings the best result possible.

Readability Analysis

Familiarity with WordPress will help you classify this method from the primary level. With the readability analysis features of Yoast Shopify SEO, you will be able to create SEO-friendly Product Pages with real-time readability dashboard analysis to work on content and ranking improvements.

Google & Social Media Previews

These in-built functionalities will give you a clear view of your product page and blog post sharing on various social media channels and Google pages. Based on the result, you can start your optimization process.

24/7 Assistance

If you have previously worked with Yoast or any of its tools, you must have experienced their seamless customer support. You will get instant help, and quality assistance whenever required.

One vital benefit the paid user of Yoast SEO for Shopify users will get access to Yoast SEO Academy to test their Shopify SEO knowledge and add an intuitive knowledge base to pull out better performance.

The Yoast SEO Academy comes with a detailed tutorial regarding the usage and other important information that can work as a booster while implementing the method into the running project. With the help of those tutorials, Yoast makes it easy for the admin and users to manage and classify the project works hassle-free.

Also, you can learn more on January 20, with live sessions where speakers share their knowledge about Ecommerce SEO and SEO for Shopify vastly.

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Boost Your Shopify Stores’ SEO Standard With The Yoast App!

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