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Here is the functionality of the Magento Quiz Box that We developed. We can say it as category suggester tools too.
Magento Quiz Box

Admin Part

  • The user can create multiple Quiz category /Survey Category
  • Each quiz Category have Multiple Questions
  • Each question have two types of Answer format
    • Radio Type
    • Checkbox type
  • Based on the Answers admin can assign the rating to each answer
  • Rating System of the answer will be available
  • Admin can assign different rating combination to the Product Category
  • Single Rating can also be assigned to the Product category

Front End Part

  • The user can come and take a quiz survey
  • Based on the Answer system will suggest to him the category that suits their results.
  • The user can share their link
  • Save their link to the Account.

Magento Quiz Box Plugin is the component to get user reviews and suggest a category that best matches their views /answers.

In Survey Tool, We can do it after Product order or even before product purchase by sending the link of the Quiz category related to the product category.

In Feature Expansion:

  • Report generation based on
    • User’s answers
    • Best category
    • Send mail automatically based on the selection of the answers.
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