Key Features of Magento Quiz Box And Review Extension

Here is the functionality of the Magento Quiz Box Review Extensions that We developed. We can say it as category suggester tools too.
Magento Quiz Box

Admin Part

  • The user can create multiple Quiz category /Survey Category
  • Each quiz Category have Multiple Questions
  • Each question have two types of Answer format
    • Radio Type
    • Checkbox type
  • Based on the Answers admin can assign the rating to each answer
  • Rating System of the answer will be available
  • Admin can assign different rating combination to the Product Category
  • Single Rating can also be assigned to the Product category

Front End Part

  • The user can come and take a quiz survey
  • Based on the Answer system will suggest to him the category that suits their results.
  • The user can share their link
  • Save their link to the Account.

Magento Quiz Box Plugin is the component to get user reviews and suggest a category that best matches their views /answers.

In Survey Tool, We can do it after Product order or even before product purchase by sending the link of the Quiz category related to the product category.

In Feature Expansion:

  • Report generation based on
    • User’s answers
    • Best category
    • Send mail automatically based on the selection of the answers.

For More Pieces of information about our Magento Extensions Please visit our Website or contact us.

Key Features of Magento Quiz Box And Review Extension

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