Let’s Welcome 2017 With Metizsoft End of The Year Holidays

Metizsoft Year-End Holidays, It is no wonder that we are coming very close to this great year end.

As we are coming to the end of the year and the two most joyous times of the year are Christmas Day and Year’s Last Day.

Both of the times are special in their own way, giving reason to Metizsoft to take a short trip for Metizsoft End of The Year Holidays.

Management and Directors arrange one day picnic to Shanti Suman Club & Resort.

As we were walked to the resort, we were amazed to see such a beautiful place.

Upon arrival, we were escorted to the resort by the welcoming host.

We had a good hearty breakfast and looking forward to playing games.

We were all very excited to start playing competitive matches, boys made a great start with Cricket and girls get started playing Badminton.

great start with Cricketstarted playing Badminton

Childhood is really the best days of everyone’s life and its memories never fade away. Yup! A lot of childhood memories came rushing back after playing Kho-Kho.

Wait! Wait.

We are talking about Childhood, right?

How can we forget Gujarati game?

Are pelu koine yaad 6e?

Chakli Ude Furr, Kagdo Ude Furrrrr….

Mja padi ne sambhli ne?

playing Kho-Kho Chakli Ude Furr

We enjoyed playing as kids.

It was time for the most favored activity, an entertaining game that is fun for everyone.

Numbers of chairs were arranged to face outward with the players standing in a circle.

Music was played and we were all starting walk in unison around the chairs. Still confused about what the game was?

Let us clear it. It’s time to go play Musical Chairs!


It was afternoon and lunch was on our heads. And we find so much good stuff to eat.

We all had a great time jumping on food, as we were hungry a lot after having so much fun.


Right after we eat, we started exploring the swimming pool in the resort.

Hurrrayyyy!! It houses a huge swimming pool and we enjoyed our time in that pool area so much.

Boys enjoyed the swimming and playing games having flotation toys.

Sitting on the edge and dipping their toes, girls enjoying a day lot.


After having fun in the water, we played the Limbu Chamchi Dod (Lemon and Spoon race) and darn it was exciting.


Christmas always brings a feeling of Joy and Zing. We celebrate this festive day playing a Secret Santa game.

Each member brings a gift for the person whose name was written on the chit. And he/she will be the Secret Santa for that person. Santa – who bring gifts.


With the ongoing year coming to an end, it’s a time to welcome New Year with zeal and warmth.

Celebrating the New Year and a trip was incomplete without having a dance. Keeping ourselves swinging as well shaking on music beats brings a million-dollar pleasure.

Celebrating the New Year

Ah! After such an enjoyable time, dinner with colleagues was a heartfelt desire.

We had traditional Gujarati cuisine with desserts at the end.

dinner with colleagues

On behalf of the whole members, we are grateful to Metizsoft for making the day memorable.

We’ve Really! Really! Enjoyed each and every bit of this picnic. We also thank our fellows for contributing to making this trip awesome.


It was a stunning experience and we all enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.

Metizsoft Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Let’s Welcome 2017 With Metizsoft End of The Year Holidays

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