How To Add Schema (Micro/Structured Data) To Volusion Product Page?

We are Volusion Experts since 2008. It has been over 7 years now since we started our journey in the space of Volusion and E-commerce industry as Volusion Experts.

Some of our clients frequently asked a question to our team of Volusion developers that, is there any feature available using which they can display snippets in organic search results for product rating and reviews? And, the answer is yes.

Now you can easily add schema to your Volusion product page.

It helps your customers to make purchase decisions based on your product rating and reviews.

By adding a schema, Volusion merchants will get more opportunities to become more visible in organic search results and also increase their revenue.

But, the question is how to add schema to the Volusion product page?

Volusion generates schema by default, and if it doesn’t or if you are curious enough to get it done by yourself, here’s how you can add schema to Volusion product page (only certain fields):

  • Go to Inventory > Products
  • Click on the product you want to add the data for you can click the HTML button </> in the Description field. The description field for that product would only show on that product page.
  • For categories, you would go to Inventory > Categories
  • Click to edit the category
  • Scroll down to the Advanced Info > Category Description field
  • Click the HTML button there to add your code.
  • The same procedure goes with article pages as well: Under Design > Site Content


I hope it worked for you. Do comment back if you have anything to add. If you wish to get some paid help to customize or migrate your Volusion store.

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How To Add Schema (Micro/Structured Data) To Volusion Product Page?

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