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Matt Cutts had been talks for a long time after leaving Google. There have been frequent rumors about Matt and his extended leaves from Google. So where is he now?

While answering certain questions regarding web technologies and e-commerce (a lot of people still find it difficult to choose between Shopify-WooCommerce-and Magento) we found an answer from Matt Cutts. Oh Yes! Matt is on Quora.

Why did Matt Cutts leave Google for the USDS?

Here’s the answer is given by Matt Himself:

(Seems like Matt is generating backlinks for USDS on Quora :P)

Source: Quora answer by Matt Cutts

A session with Matt Cutts on Quora:

Here’s a recent session organized by Matt on Quora in which he answered all the questions related to his decision of joining U.S Digital Service, his role in U.S Digital Service, what does USDS actually do, and more.



We wish Matt all the best for his way ahead and we heartily appreciate his idealist nature and his decision of serving the government and using his skills for bettering lives.

Team: Metizsoft Solutions

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