Shopify Or WooCommerce: Which one is better online shop for you?

Online shopping and eCommerce platform has grown so much rapidly in the recent past that the companies, which aren’t selling, are facing the threat of elimination.

It doesn’t matter what you sell but where you sell and if you are online then you are not just losing out on the brand recognition but a chance of taking your brand to a new level.

Most of the companies have understood the potential of eCommerce and they are actively engaged in developing shopping portals in order to get a slice of the profit pie with online sales.

Shopify is so simple to use that it is being called the eCommerce platform for internet beginners.

It just takes a few clicks for selecting a theme, making a catalog, organizing categories, and managing orders and payments in Shopify.

Shopify users don’t require prior knowledge of HTML/CSS to make some dynamic changes in the shopping portal.

It also offers optional inventory management wherein one can set an admin alert if a product quantity is low or runs out of stock.

WooCommerce works great with WordPress where a user is just required to install some plugins and begin with the catalog.

The best feature about WooCommerce is uploading items on the online store and is exactly similar to uploading posts and pictures in WordPress.

It also offers inventory status features for the efficient management of products.

  • Features and Extensions

Shopify boasts of more than 900 plugins along with various associated services and features, which can be added to the store. Shopify carefully lists these plugins, features, and services into categories like Accounting, Marketing, Customer Service, Social Media, and much more.

Shopify offers plugins in both paid and free versions. Users are just required to pay for the premium apps on a monthly basis for a single site.

Shopify development Service makes use of these plugins to add more functionality to the online store.

WooCommerce offers a little more than 330 extensions to increase the store’s functionality.

It has also been divided into various categories for efficient management of the online store.

Users can buy the premium plugins along with free ones, which can be used on 1 to 25 sites at once.

  • Ownership, Security, and Maintenance

When you develop an online store with Shopify then it owns the domain and users get a sub-domain.

Ownership becomes an issue when developing sites with Shopify but WooCommerce ensures that the site is all yours.

It operates on a client-server model and it even allows the client to influence the server-side code, which can help to add more features to the online store.

  • Support

Shopify offers a customer-centric 24×7 live support, which can provide extensive help in case of any snag or clutches with the running of the online store.

WooCommerce also offers support but in the form of Helpdesk which is not as efficient and quick in resolving the issues as Shopify.

  • Scalability and Migration

Shopify offers a wide range of functionalities and features, which can help you in growing or scaling the online store as per the growing business needs. Shopify development service prides on the fact that it offers support from the start-up to the well-established business which has millions of products in its portfolio.

In case you are not satisfied with Shopify then you can easily migrate from it and your store along with entire data will be deleted.

WooCommerce offers similar kind of features and functionalities which can be scaled as per the need of the hour.

It is not suited for building a too large online store with a large number of products. WooCommerce also offers a simple and easy solution for migration if you wish to try out some other platforms.

Final Verdict

Shopify or WooCommerce offer great service in the field of payment transactions, gift codes, tax, discount, billing, shipping, vouchers, and social media integration. Shopify development service declares Shopify as the best platform for developing an online shopping portal with unlimited features and scalability options.

WooCommerce, on the other hand, is better for those who are familiar with WordPress and it offers far better control over different aspects of the online store.

Shopify Or WooCommerce: Which one is better online shop for you?

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