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Shopify Vs Magento: Whom To Choose And Why?

Magento and Shopify are two very popular eCommerce platforms among the large online business community. Both are medium to launch your own business website. Both provide a feature that helps in running your online store smoothly and efficiently. This includes features such as inventory management, payment system, theme selection, and many more. When it comes to choosing between the two platforms Shopify Vs Magento, it becomes a tricky issue as both eCommerce giants offer interesting features to make a site look great and consumer-friendly.

Shopify Vs Magento – Let’s compare both the mediums to reach an appropriate conclusion:

  • On The Basis Of Store Functionality

Both Magento and Shopify provide you multiple store functionality features. However, Shopify offers features that are easy and simple to implement even if you have no experience in coding or technical know-how.

Magento, on the other hand, offers innumerable store functionality features but lags behind Shopify in terms of simplicity and ease of implementing those features. To install Magento extensions one is required to have some level of technical skill or coding experience.

Therefore, to avail Magento extension features you will have to hire a technical expert. Whereas with Shopify, you can have the same features on your own.

  • SEO Wise

SEO wise both the platforms perform well on Google search engine. However, simply building your site through Magento or Shopify does not guarantee SEO success.

You have to invest in the overall site’s look and functionality to make your site appear on top of Google search engine results.

  • On The Basis Of Business Size

This is very important and can decide the success and failure of your endeavor. Shopify has carved a special niche among the small and medium online merchants.

Similarly, Magento is the preferred choice of individuals who have a large business to run.

  • Add-ons and Extensions

If Magento has 5000+ extensions, Shopify has a kitty of 100+ reviewed apps. However, numbers really don’t matter here.

Why? Because the apps offered by Shopify are easier to install than Magento’s extensions to give your store the necessary functionality it needs.

  • On the Basis Of Convenience

I will put my money on Shopify if convenience is the factor you are looking for running your online store. A website built with Shopify is easier to run and is also user-friendly if compared to Magento.


On reading the article you may feel that the writer is a little biased towards Shopify. This is true but not complete. Based on the user’s feedback- a few things have come up.

That Shopify is fit for the small and medium-sized businesses and Magento is the choice of businesses that are well funded and require extra extension features to support the site’s layout and functionality.

So if you are an entrepreneur and starting your online business from scratch, then the answer will be SHOPIFY.

Hope this blog helps you in some way in choosing the right platform for your eCommerce business. Continue visiting Metizsoft Solutions to stay updated on matters relating to E-commerce.

We are Shopify Experts and provide Magento Development Services with our industry-leading technology solutions.

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