How to Perform a Technical SEO Audit of Your E-commerce Site – A Step-by-Step Guide to SE Ranking!

The eCommerce business has been rising in the past couple of years. All thanks to the advancement in technology and ease of shopping nature of people globally. During the Covid-19 pandemic 2020-21, the healthcare and eCommerce businesses’ economy forum has improved immensely.

Today, the number is only increasing, and every other day, we are experiencing a new eCommerce website or App claiming the best products and prices to cover all your needs.

But have you ever imagined how these eCommerce sites ended up landing in your browser search console? What procedure are the marketers following, and the insights of those procedures help the marketers better optimize those eCommerce websites!

The overall procedure is referred to as eCommerce technical SEO audit. The key nurturing of those eCommerce technical SEO insight audits helps marketers improve eCommerce websites’ search engine ranking and performance simultaneously.

To learn more about eCommerce technical SEO audit or technical SEO for eCommerce websites, let’s dive into the below standard questionnaire related to technical SEO for eCommerce websites, which are as follows:

  1. What is an eCommerce technical SEO audit?
  2. Why is an eCommerce technical SEO audit important for eCommerce sites?
  3. Your eCommerce technical SEO audit checklist components
  4. Hire eCommerce SEO experts!

What is an eCommerce Technical SEO Audit?

An eCommerce technical SEO audit process involves evaluating your eCommerce website performance on search engines, like its ranking, visibility, bounce rate, traffic, etc.

With a thorough evaluation, you will come across the key insights of your eCommerce website’s technical aspects that need to be fixed for better performance.

To accomplish better results for your eCommerce website, you need to rectify:

  • SEO issues impacting your eCommerce websites’ current performances
  • Ad campaigns performance (past and present)
  • Content optimization with relevant keyword implementation to improve visibility and organic traffic.

Classifying the weak links of these above areas will bring out a clear picture and help you prepare the best eCommerce technical SEO roadmap.

Gradually, the eCommerce technical SEO audit of an eCommerce website runs on the following pages:

Homepage: Your homepage or landing page includes SEO elements like headings, titles, and descriptions. These elements directly affect your bounce rate as visitors visit the product pages via the homepage navigation system.

It is essential to use appropriate internal linking to other pages from the homepage. Else, visitors will bounce back to the search console without finding what they are looking for.

Product Pages: Running an effective eCommerce technical SEO audit on your product pages helps improve redirects, page speed, page load time, and linking structure to relevant pages. It also enables you to check duplicate content and 404 errors.

Category Pages: The category page audit inspect the correct internal linking order of product category to sales pages, making customers’ purchase experience an easy task to perform.

Search Filters: Prioritizing the search filter audit of your eCommerce website will ensure a quick and reliable shopping experience, as users often use search filters upon find it challenging to get the exact product on product pages.

Why is an eCommerce Technical SEO Audit Important for eCommerce Sites?

It is unlike any eCommerce business organization to skip technical SEO audits in this competitive era of digitalization. The way people are shopping online, there is no way eCommerce businesses will come across hindrances anytime soon.

However, it will perish in the years to come with so many latest functionalities and configurations.

As per Statista report, the eCommerce revenue is projected to enrich  54 trillion US dollars by 2022. The number comes as no surprise as we are among those users who use eCommerce sites regularly.

To keep up the pace amongst competitors, implementing the right eCommerce technical SEO audit becomes essential in the first place.

Setting up the correct technical SEO for an eCommerce website will improve the organic search result and boost the search engine ranking and conversions.

Above all, the prime focus for any marketers should be to enhance organic search results as organic traffic plays a vital role in improving SE rankings of any eCommerce website.

Undoubtedly, the paid marketing campaign has its advantages but comes with a limited period. In contrast, organic traffic has no boundaries and is counted as the first source of SEO optimization process amongst the technical SEO auditors globally.

If you are one of those marketers concerned about your eCommerce website’s traffic, revenues, and conversion, prioritize organic search results as it directly impacts those terms in the most cost-effective ways.

So far, you must have learned a great deal about eCommerce technical SEO audit and why it is important? Now, let’s dive straight into the following eCommerce technical SEO checklist components.

E-commerce Technical SEO Checklist Components

Gradually, the eCommerce technical SEO is classified into three essential aspects – On-page SEO, Off-page SEO, and Technical SEO.

On-Page SEO

The on-page SEO involves HTML elements and content optimization of your eCommerce web pages. To improve on-page SEO optimization, you need to nurture the following components:

Keyword Optimization

Keywords play a significant role in improving your eCommerce page ranking on the Google search console. Remember, when visitors open any browser, they enter a keyword and not your website name directly.

Referring to that, if you have set up the perfect keyword relevant to your website or product, then most likely, your website will appear on the Google search list.

To start analyzing keyword optimization, you need to narrow down relevant keywords for your eCommerce website. Now, check those keywords’ density, keyword difficulty, and Cost-Per-Click (CPC) and prepare the correct ordering.

You can use keyword search tools like SEMrush, Moz, Ahrefs, etc.

Finally, integrate those keywords on your web page and product page content and wait for the result.

Remember, keyword optimization is not a one-time but continuous process, and you need to perform this task with each Google algorithm update.

Meta Description & Title Tags

The meta description and title tags optimization are vital aspects of your on-page eCommerce technical SEO audit. The title tags are written on HTML codes and appear on the search engine result pages (SERPs).

While setting up the title tag of your product or web page, consider adding the relevant keyword for better SERP results.

On the other hand, the meta description influences Click-Through Rate (CTR), as marketers put the relevant keyword in bold format with the appropriate link to the product pages.

Adding exclusive incentives like FREE shipping and discount options for eCommerce technical SEO audits would make meta descriptions more catchy.

Pay Attention to your Content

While designing or developing any website, ensure to take an in-depth look at its content. Whether you are preparing the content by yourself or seeking professional assistance, make sure to prepare the error and plagiarism-free content for better page ranking.

Writing relevant content is as essential as adding the best keyword for your eCommerce websites’ overall On-Page SEO Optimization.

Off-Page SEO

Upon completing the on-page SEO, now it is time for you to dive into the Off-Page SEO Optimization activities. The Off-page SEO activities involve:

Backlink Evaluation

First thing first, what is a backlink?

Backlinks refer to those links that link to your site from another website. Having high-quality backlinks is a clear indication of a higher ranking of a website in any search results.

Also, adding another website link in your content or keyword as a reference shows your website’s mutual respect and trust amongst users.

All backlinks process belongs to the content promotion activities. If you have some high backlinks attached to your content, ask for several more to increase the overall ranking of your page.

If, in any case, you find it challenging to add backlinks, then consider enriching industry professionals by asking them to add their website link to your site or content to add value.

Improve Social Media Engagement:

Social media are a great source to build a robust global customer base. However, it doesn’t impact your eCommerce website ranking directly.

Still, your website’s presence on social media platforms will boost your visibility, authority, and conversions rate enormously.

The key aspect is to share your website pages directly and product links on social media to improve your website’s overall traffic.

As a part of your eCommerce technical SEO audit, you should seek social medias’ help regularly by posting and sharing content relevant to your eCommerce module.

Technical SEO

Optimizing on-page and Off-page SEO might not be the end of the story for you. To complete the entire cycle of the SE ranking process, you need to pay utmost attention to Technical SEO components, which are listed down below:

Robot.txt & XML Sitemap

On a technical aspect, your eCommerce websites robot.txt and XML sitemap help the search engine understand your website. The robot.txt allows Google to crawl as well as ignore irrelevant websites.

On the other hand, your XML sitemap helps Google index those important pages of your eCommerce websites. Also, it keeps a track record of your website’s last update.

You need to follow Google algorithms updates regularly to gather information about robot.txt and XML sitemap to improve your eCommerce website’s crawl.

Improve your Page Loading Time

Slow page loading time impacts your website’s traffic and other essential eCommerce technical SEO audit aspects. It boosts the bounce rate of your website as visitors will take no time to jump to your competitor’s eCommerce website.

You can refer to Google page speed methods like compressing your websites’ file sizes, minimizing HTTP requests, resolving servers issue, if any, or changing hosting providers to speed up your website’s loading time.

Create Mobile-Friendly Websites

It is a no-brainer that people nowadays use smartphones to visit any websites. To improve your website’s technical SEO audit, you need to check its mobile-friendliness nature and resolve if found any issues before launching your eCommerce website.

If you neglect this step, then most likely, your website’s bounce rate graph will go high.

Security Check

Undoubtedly, security checking should be anyone’s top priority while improving the digital presence of their websites. This is the last step of your eCommerce technical SEO edit as it involves essential details like your consumer’s address, payment, and contact details.

It is your responsibility to run a thorough security check of your website to protect that information and avoid cyber-attacks on your websites.

A simple process to check the security of your website is by typing your website’s name on the search bar to see whether a lock signal icon is appearing next to it or not.

If yes, then your website is secure, and if not, then you might need to change your from “HTTP” to “HTTPS.”

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How to Perform a Technical SEO Audit of Your E-commerce Site – A Step-by-Step Guide to SE Ranking!

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