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Top 10 React Native Component Libraries to Use in 2021

React Native component libraries can be a huge time-saver for your next project. React Native, as we know, is a Javascript library that helps in building user interfaces for both web-based and mobile apps. React is an open-source library that helps in building powerful apps and includes a number of components that you can you use for your apps.

Today, you can find thousands of react Native component libraries out there and because of the vast options, selecting the right one isn’t easy. In fact, you should be careful while choosing the right React Native component library because every business has different requirements. You should be careful to choose the most up-to-date and suitable React Native library that fits your business.

In this post, we will take a closer look at the most top-rated React Native libraries that you can use for your React Native project in 2021.

Here is the list of the best React Native component libraries for your next project-

  • Lottie for React Native

Lottie is a React Native library that allows you to add beautiful animations to your React Native App. You can either choose any free animation or create and add your own using Adobe after effects. Lottie works by exploring animation data in JSON format with Bodymovin and rendering it on mobile.

It can enhance your application’s user experience and performance. With over 13.5k+stars on Github, Lottie is a React Native library that you should be aware of in 2021.

  • Ignite CLI

The developers take some time to set up a React Native project and start the development, and that’s where ignite CLI comes to make things faster. Ignite CLI is a starter kit and the most popular React Native boilerplate available for both expo and vanilla React Native.

It is a React Native starter kit that offers boilerplates and generates that are easy to use and flexible. It installs quickly and adheres to best practices in the construction and allows you to adapt the boilerplates to your project. The best part about igniting CLI is that it works well with both Android and iOS. You can also choose several boilerplates to start your own. Ignite CLI is quite popular among the users as it has earned 10,000+ stars on Github.

  • React Native elements

React Native elements is a cross-platform React Native UI toolkit that puts together a number of UI components in one place. React Native elements has received 17,000 stars on Github.

The package includes many components such as pricing, badge, overlay, and platform-specific search bars. They are easy to use and easily customizable.

React Native elements also works as a platform that connects small teams developing commercial React Native apps.

  • React Native paper

React Native paper is a React Native element library with light and dark themes. It is an open-source library that offers React Native components with material design. This component library has a dark theme for the default theme and allows you to switch the theme easily.

You can also use React Native’s Appearance API to implement the theme switching depending on the device. React native paper offers customizable components and interactions that fit every user’s case. It has 7.5k stars on Github, and therefore you can entirely rely on it and use it to develop a light and dark theme quickly.

  • React Native material kit

Next on the list is React Native material kit, which brings material design to React Native. Inside the material kit, you will find buttons, cards, range sliders, and text fields. It also has spinners and progress bars to display loading and toggles for switches.

In the material kit, all you need is a few lines of code to add buttons using predefined builders. These builders can be used to create customized buttons from scratch. With the material kit, you can also customize the styles by changing the theme. The material kit React Native library has 4,700 stars on Github.

  • React Native snap carousel

Snap carousel is a carousel component for React Native consisting of various previews, multiple layouts, images, performant handling of many items, and much more. This library works well with both Android and iOS. It also contains tips and tricks for performance optimization and several other features.

It has 8k+stars on Github, and you can use it when you want to add stylish sliders to your app.

  • Nachos UI

With Nachos UI, you don’t have to worry about styling any component. All you need to do is import any of the pre-styled inputs from one component into another. After installing Nachos UI, you can select any component you want, import the React Native code, and customize your project.

Nachos is free and community-driven software that uses the Avocode tool to share and inspect photoshop and sketch designs. With nachos UI, you can create web-based projects too.

  • React Native camera

This is yet another React Native library that allows you to communicate with the device camera with just a few simple functions. With this component, you don’t have to worry about the native code. RN camera supports photos, videos, face detections, as well as barcode scanning. Moreover, it also supports text recognition.

RN camera has over 8.5k+ stars on Github, which makes your go-to component when you want to implement camera functionality in your app.

  • Native base

Native place is a good React native library for beginners or new developers to start building the apps. Being a cross-platform React Native library, it offers customizable components.

This open-source React Native component library includes a Native starter app, a Twitter clone app, and a tutorial app. They also offer a set of premium starter kits.

  • Gifted chat

Gifted chat is an all-in-one chat component that helps you to set up a chat UI for your app easily. This chat component has fully customizable features such as loading earlier messages, copying messages, clickable links, and much more.

You can also create your own chat UI and customize it easily. Gifted chat has 10k+ stars on Github, and it is one of the best chat React Native chat libraries to develop a chat component.

These were the top react native libraries that you can go for in 2021. If you are searching for a reliable React Native component library for your app, you can choose one from the better React Native navigation and performance list.

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Top 10 React Native Component Libraries to Use in 2021

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