Native vs. Cross-Platform Development, Which One to Choose in 2021?

Application development has seen tremendous growth in the past few years because of the increasing demand of users. Developers are coming up with new and advanced methods of creating mobile apps that take the business to a new height.

Mobile applications have dominated the market these days as they significantly impact all types of online businesses and industries.

In this age of digitalization, we have a mobile app for almost everything today. Mobile shopping has never been this easy. We can order products and use services on our mobile phones with just a few clicks.

Smartphones have become a common attribute of any person, and almost everyone uses smartphones these days.

To create a mobile app in 2021, there might be some confusion regarding the right platform to build a mobile application.

The whole process of developing an app goes through many stages, and that becomes troublesome sometimes. One of the most critical steps for building a mobile app with choosing the right platform.

The two platforms that come to our mind for developing an app are Native and cross-platform. In this blog, we are going to talk about the Native app vs Cross-Platform comparison to explain what these platforms do and how they perform.

Before we begin with the Comparison, First, We shall discuss about native and cross-platform.

What is Native App?

Native apps are those that are developed through the native operating environment. A native application is a software program that is developed to use on a particular platform or device.

A native mobile app is built to use on a specific platform, and therefore it can use device-specific hardware and software. These  apps are written in the code used for the device and its OS.

Many developers and business owners prefer to build their mobile applications on a Native platform because of its several benefits.  The demand for native app development is increasing in the industry globally.

Here are the Notable Benefits of Native App

  • These apps are more secure

Native web apps rely on different browsers and technologies such as Javascript, HTML5, and CSS. Developing a native mobile app is a fantastic way to guarantee users secure and reliable data protection.

  • Native apps are interactive

Native apps run smoothly regarding users’ input and output. They are created for one operating system, and therefore they stick to the guidelines that enhance and align the user experience with the operating system.

  • They offer excellent performance

When you go for native mobile app, the app is created and optimized for a specific operating system and platform; therefore, it offers excellent performance. These apps are fast and efficient because they are written in languages specific to the ecosystem of the platform.

  • These apps have fewer bugs

In Native development, you are not relying on a cross-platform solution such as Xamarin or Cordova. With the hybrid app, one is dependent on the app development tool, but that’s not the case with Native app. Thus, in Hybrid vs. native app, native apps will have fewer bugs.

  • Better offline performance

The best thing about a native app is that it even works offline. Going native is the best option if there is no connectivity. With the native apps, the content gets downloaded, and therefore, planners and organizers can perform offline.

What is a Cross-Platform App?

these apps are those which are developed through a “shared operating environment” such as Xamarin. These apps are a great solution that is compatible with various operating systems.

Application development with a this solutionis convenient and profitable, but there is a risk of losing the quality of the app because it becomes difficult to tailor the solutions to the various OS.

Cross-platform development uses a standard code across all the operating systems because it uses the same code across different operating systems.

When you decide to build a cross-platform app, you will have to compromise with the native app’s quality. The app development will more a few bugs and errors.

These apps run on a shared tool such as Xamarin, which makes them run on various operating systems.

Here are some of the Benefits of Cross-Platform App

  • It reduces cost and expenses

This app development offers excellent flexibility in app development. Software testing and debugging become easy while developing the app. It helps in reducing the overall costs, efforts, and time spent on application development. Thus, app development reduces the overall cost of app development.

  • It uses a single codebase

Cross-platform development uses single and universal code for different frameworks and mobile operating systems. This single codebase saves a lot of time for the developers enhances all the stages of app development. In these apps, the developers have to debug a single code instead of working on different codes.

  • It saves a lot of time

In these apps,  a single code is reused for different frameworks and operating systems. The reusability of code saves a lot of time for the developers as compared to the native apps.

  • The familiarity of tools

The cross-platform application tools are familiar for the developers as they are commonly used programming languages. These programming languages and tools are easy to learn and understand.

These were the benefits of native app and cross-platform app, which the developers are looking up to create a mobile app in 2021. Both of these platforms work well and have their benefits and limitations, and therefore, the final decision is in your hands.

Which Platform to Choose in 2021? Native App vs Cross-Platform

We know you still have many questions unanswered, and we will try to answer them. Coming to an end, we will learn more about native app vs cross-platform, so that you can decide which platform will work the best for your project.

Let us have a Look at the Significant Differences Between the Two Platforms.

Native apps are those apps which are developed  for a single platform or operating system, and they are developed in a language compatible with the platform. Using these languages, the developers can make better use of the excellent features of the platform. These apps are developed for a particular operating system and will not work for another operating system. A native app for Android will not work for iOS and vice versa.

You can Go for Native Application Development when-

  • If you need an app development system for your phone’s resources and services with extensive features, including a flashlight, camera, and GPS.
  • When you want to build a responsive native application that performs well on all the screens and gives better results.
  • Build an app that works offline as native app works without any connectivity as well. Native apps minimize the hassle caused by the internet and are easy to use offline.
  • Native development is an apt choice for well-settled and sophisticated businesses and those who look forward to investing in the long term.

If you are looking for what we mentioned above in an app, you can go for Native app development. You can hire a skilled mobile app development company to build a professional and robust native app for your business.

AS we know, cross-platform apps are compatible with both iOS and Android, and therefore, they reuse the same code structure for developing apps for different platforms. There are various tools for developing robust app solutions that make it easy for developers to create these apps.

You can Go for this  Solutions when-

  • When you are okay with a few delays and unresponsiveness with your app’s performance.
  • If you don’t want any high animation or high-end graphics for your product or brand.
  • When you are running low on budget and your main motive is providing services to your customers.
  • It is the most cost-effective way to experiment with new things, so you can go for this if you need to test new ideas and try something new.


Based on this discussion of the comapirson between the native app vs cross-platform for appl development in 2021, we hope you will soon make a decision soon. Whatever decision you make or the platforms you finalize, make sure to hire a experts app development company for developing the most impressive and powerful mobile app.

You can hire Metizsoft solutions for this purpose. We are highly skilled and experienced in building robust mobile apps for different industries. We have expertise in native and cross-platform app development and provide the best services for higher ROI and unmatched user experience. Hire our skilled developers and leave your worries behind.

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Native vs. Cross-Platform Development, Which One to Choose in 2021?

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