Why Progressive Web Apps Matter for Your E-Commerce Business?

What Is Progressive Web Application?

Progressive Web Application or PWA is the next big thing in the world of e-commerce. We all know the power of mobile devices and their impact on overall e-commerce business. These days’ people prefer to do most of their online activity through mobile. Not to mention the time they spend surfing their mobile to search for their favorite products.

Therefore to enhance the user experience when surfing on the web, the concept of Progressive Web Application come into existence.


It includes providing an app like experience on a web server, enabling offline web surfing and other small features such as push notifications, etc.

It is a known fact that not all customers download an application on their mobile to see what the app offers to them. Most of them just browse through the website and explore what is hidden there for them. Owing to this very fact it has become very important to design your business website in a progressive way or in a user-friendly mechanism.

Progressive Web App will thus allow a customer to have the same user experience on a website as his experience on a mobile application of a particular business. In short, PWA is a web application without download.

Why PWA Matters these Days and Should You Build Your Business With Progressive Web Application?

The answer to the above questions is YES. In the current business scenario, it is very important to have your business perform as good through its website as it performs via the mobile application. The notion that people use mobile for browsing and desktop for purchasing is outdated and not relevant in current times.

Today an average customer does not hesitate to search a particular product via the website rather than downloading the whole app. This is so true for people who either don’t want to download an app due to any reason or if they are finding something particular which can be accessed through the website also.

However, what puts one business in an advantageous position is the user-friendliness it can provide via its website. The more user-friendly your website design is, the more customers it attracts to interact on its server.

Thus, boosting the overall sales of your e-commerce business.

Top Features in Progressive Web Application

Features of Progressive web apps

PWA is a combination of the best features of websites and native mobile apps. It is like a website that performs the function of an app and provides a great user experience.

The need for PWA skyrocketed as people tend to delete the app after one-time use even when those apps provide great user experience.

This can be due to the customer dissatisfaction over the memory space these apps require to work properly. At the same time, many want to get rid of apps which they don’t use frequently.

They delete the mobile application in the hope that they will get via the website if they need anything in the future.

Now let us look at the top features of a progressively built mobile app:

  • Use of HTTPS

Every website these days uses HTTPS which is a very good thing. It is the best practice to be followed to ensure the safety of the data transferred through the web server. Therefore, using HTTPS is a must for letting your website count among progressive web application.

  • Fully Responsive Website

A website that loads quickly on mobile, desktop or tablet and responds well to the user on engagement is counted as a progressive website.

  • Works Offline

As internet connectivity varies according to regions, some websites may not work due to an internet connection. However, progressive web application works in some way when there is no internet connection using cached data.

  • Push Notifications

Push notifications are an interesting way to stay connected with your customers and thus an effective tool for user engagement.

Top Brands That Do Progressive Web Apps

Brands That Do PWA

  • Flipkart
  • Alibaba
  • Twitter
  • Shopify
  • Forbes
  • Ola
  • The Washington Post
  • Pinterest
  • Starbucks
  • Uber


Progressive web app or PWA will definitely shape the course of web development in the coming years. Currently, there are many top companies that do progressive web apps to maintain and attract a new customer base. As an E-Commerce merchant or as an owner of a website, it is the right time to start exploring the benefits that come with the progressive web application.

No doubt you will add new customers if your website is progressive and provide the great user experience. For more details on this subject stay connected with Metizsoft Solutions.

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Why Progressive Web Apps Matter for Your E-Commerce Business?

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