Shopify and Mailchimp Break Up: Top Takeaways For Shopify Merchants

You may have got this breaking news by now. Yes! MailChimp, the popular marketing platform has decided to part ways with Shopify citing privacy concerns for its users due to Shopify’s new partnership agreement.

Well! On the other hand, Shopify has given a different reason for this break-up. Shopify accuses Mailchimp of providing poor merchant experience and not agreeing to Shopify Partner Program Agreement.

Hence, both the parties are accusing each other of not respecting each other’s concerns related to customer privacy and data.

Whatever be the actual reason, the fact of the matter is that MailChimp has ended the contract with Shopify, and merchants who use MailChimp may now have to explore new options to market their online stores.

What Next For Merchants Who Use Mailchimp as Marketing Partner?

MailChimp is used by many online merchants to popularize their online stores through a bulk email facility offered by the marketing platform. However, it is no longer a viable option for email marketing after this divorce.

If you are a Shopify merchant, you can consider the below-mentioned options to continue with your marketing campaign for your E-Commerce store.

Some of the top email marketing solutions for your Shopify store are:

OmniSend Email Marketing and Sms

You can consider using this application for email marketing. It provides the same kind of services that Mailchimp provides.

Marcello Marketing Automation

It offers a free plan and claims to grow sales through its email marketing campaign.

Jilt eCommerce email marketing

It features a popular marketing application on Shopify. You can try this for popularizing your online store.

Seguno: Email Marketing

Segundo is also an option you can consider for email marketing for your store.

Klaviyo: Marketing Automation

This application also does marketing in a very creative way. Again a reliable choice for your online store’s marketing plan.


Whether you are a MailChimp user or not, the days ahead for you are positive. You still have got options as listed above to continue advertising your store through the services offered by the above-mentioned applications.

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Shopify and Mailchimp Break Up: Top Takeaways For Shopify Merchants

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