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Celebrating the Tale of Metizsoft’s Seven Glorious Years

It’s been seven years since we landed on this planet. Metizsoft’s journey through these seven years is exciting, challenging and memorable.

‘Exciting’ because we were creating our own path into unknown territories to test ourselves. ‘Challenging’ because we were competing with the ‘best’ in the world of e-commerce and information technology.

And yes! It has been a ‘memorable’ journey as we were working as a close-knit team in all these years.

Most importantly, these seven years also represents the hard work and dedication put in by all the Metizsoft team to stay and thrive in this competitive business environment.

What Makes This Seventh Anniversary Special?

Although every successful completion of a year is a milestone in itself.

However, this anniversary is special because it comes at a time when we are growing as a company, searching for new horizons and expanding our business operations into new market possibilities.

‘seven’ best things that define Metizsoft are as follows:

Humble Beginnings

Metizsoft group came into existence on 1 April 2012. It was the vision of leaders like Mr. Chetan Sheladiya and Mr. Manthan Bhavsar that laid the foundation of this dynamic company.

The origins of the company were very humble. The company was fully self-financed and started with 1-2 developers operating in the Navrangpura area of Ahmedabad.

Today, it operates worldwide and has clients from many different countries. Its employee strength has also reached the double figure of 50+.

Dream Team Metizsoft

Dedicated Employees

Dedicated Employees

The core strength of Metizsoft is the individuals who work here. They are smart, hardworking and sensible people. They put their best efforts to achieve both personal and organizational goals.

Work Atmosphere

Work Atmosphere

The work atmosphere here is cool and open. You will always find a lively environment within the work walls of Metizsoft.

Client Satisfaction

Client Satisfaction

Client satisfaction is the foremost agenda which drives our day to day operations.

We always believe in delivering solutions which make our client happy and satisfied. To achieve this, we make sure that there is always a communication line open between our client and developers while working on a project.

No Fear of Taking Risks

At Metizsoft, we do not hesitate to take risks. We open our range of work in new territories and explore what the shore at the other side of the ocean can offer us.

Big Vision

Metizsoft is not just another business entity out there. Our vision is not just limited to creating websites, apps and building great business milestones. We think high and we work to create something that echoes our values we believe in.



At Metizsoft, we laugh a lot. We ensure that the work we do never bore us. We keep the office environment lively and engaging by sharing jokes with each other and having lunch together in the break time.

What’s Next for us?

As a group and a team, we have to move on. We have to keep pace with the changing nature of technology and thus better ourselves by improving our skill set. At the same time, we have to help each other in realizing one’s true potential. Most importantly we have to honest with ourselves, honest with our work, honest with people around us and yes! Honest to our nation as a citizen of this country.

Once Again! Happy 7th Anniversary to All Metizsoft Team!

How we are going to Celebrate This Great Occasion?

The importance of ‘food’ to mark any great occasion is mentioned in every sacred literature. Since ancient times eating together is seen as a way to firm our ties and enjoy the very moment.

Therefore, Metizsoft team is making the day more special by having dinner together at Five Petals Hotel and Banquets. It’s a great place to enjoy and to serve your taste buds.

Seventh Anniversary Celebrations at Metizsoft

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Celebrating the Tale of Metizsoft’s Seven Glorious Years

Chetan Patel

Director at Metizsoft Solutions, Chetan Sheladiya today stands at the top of a leading Mobile Application Development company, which further specializes in Online Business Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Web Development, amongst other areas. A tech-lover at heart, Chetan has had more than a decade worth of experience, dealing with hundreds of projects, and creating a bunch of unique IT solutions along the way. His other interest lies in sharing his ideas and opinions with people as passionate about technology, as he is. You can find his thoughts expressed on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

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