Metizsoft Completes 6 Glorious Years of Success

5 Years Of Mesmerizing Success Journey

Hundreds of happy customers, thousands of successful projects, prestigious technology partnerships and over 50 highly talented dedicated employees. It’s 2018 and Metizsoft is celebrating 6 years of empowering business worldwide.

While achieving this milestone, we would like to take a moment and wish all our employees, families and partners who have contributed towards the incredible journey – Happy 6th anniversary!

How we are going to Celebrate our 6th Anniversary?

The Metizsoft team is making the day more special & joyful by having dinner together at Hotel MadhuliIt’s a great place to enjoy and to serve your taste buds.

Cake of 6th Anniversary Celebrations

Metizsoft is celebrating 6 years

Leaders of Metizsoft

 Metiz Team

Women Power

Metizsoft Avengers

Let’s take a look at our Previous Years Anniversary Celebrations

Metizsoft Completes 6 Glorious Years of Success

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