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Top 6 Ruby On Rails Benefits That Make It Startup-Friendly

Ruby on Rails is a popular MVC (Model-View-Controller) framework used for web developers worldwide.

This open-source code based framework has become tremendously popular and almost became an instant choice for web development thanks to its superb efficiency, performance, and rich features.

From millions of startups to world-famous business brands like Shopify, Airbnb, Hulu, Twitter, Yellow Pages, use this framework.

Ruby on Rails remained unbeatable as a framework for many reasons including low cost and faster web development, high speed and high-performance output, unmatched scalability, security features and robust community support.

Let us have a look at each of these benefits contributing to the popularity of this framework.

  • Cost-Efficient Framework

Ruby on Rails comes as the open-source framework under the MIT license.

This prevents you from paying anything for using this software.

Though it comes free, unlike most other open-source software available in the market today Ruby on Rails never falls short in terms of sophistication and features that it supports.

Cost-Efficient Framework

Apart from all the inbuilt features and functionality support, you can always refer to development platforms like GitHub where you can find a lot of other value additions available for free.

Thanks to these features and functionalities that are available at no extra cost, the web development with Ruby on Rails can gain huge cost advantage besides ensuring faster time to market.

  • Simplicity & Speed

Ruby on Rails is popularly known to be a framework that is simple in usability and high-speed in performance.

Loaded with a structured database and a rich reserve of tools for every kind of features and functionalities the framework helps developers achieve what they want to build.


If this simplicity contributes to the performance of this framework tremendously.

There are also several ready to use modules and plugins that further helps developers to cut down the development time and ensure a faster time to market.

If you want to build complex and multifaceted web applications at faster speed there is no better framework you can think of than Ruby on Rails.

  • Uncompromising Quality

Ruby on Rails not only uses a very clean and clutter-free programming language with simple syntax but it also makes use of many of the developer-friendly protocols and practices such as DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself), KISS ( Keep It Simple, Stupid) and their best programming practices that are known to deliver high-quality code output free of irregularities and bugs.


Ruby on Rails is also a framework that strictly adheres to the test and behavior focused development approach.

It is known for a total coverage of codes for delivering the entire web experience.

It always follows the most advanced software architecture covering each and every attribute.

The clean syntax, quality codes and code consistency altogether help to minimize the development time while ensuring uncompromising quality.

  • Highly Scalable

Ruby on Rails is also a great framework to help businesses meeting the needs of growth with a scalable web solution.

It has several features and attributes that can easily deliver a highly scalable web platform.


By following a distinct and clear structure with flexible modules it allows dividing the web interface into functional areas to shift their database to the cloud when the volumes of traffic increases.

In case of a sudden increase in web traffic, the framework always helps to scale up the performance of a website.

  • Huge Community Support

Ruby on Rails also gets the support of a highly active and growing community of developers contributing to the code base and the framework with continuous value additions.

These community contributions apart, the developers can always post their specific queries and issues on several Ruby on Rails developer forums and get quick help and suggestions.

This huge community support makes this a frequently updated framework that continues to be used for websites of different businesses.

  • Security

Ruby on Rails is also a great framework to contribute to the security of any website tremendously.

Although it is just an open-source framework, it remains clearly ahead of most other server-side frameworks used for web development.

Apart from the bug-free coding ensured by time-tested programming protocols Ruby on Rails also gets the active help from a thriving community to stay updated with security fixes every now and then.


The vibrant and active Ruby on Rails community always ensures keeping the framework up-to-date.

The security flaws and shortcomings pertaining to the third-party applications and plugins are always checked prior to their inclusion as part of the Ruby on Rails framework offerings.

Final Words

Ruby on Rails has gained unprecedented popularity as a modern web development framework in recent years thanks to its unmatched efficiency that ensures building high-quality web apps in a quick time.

It is equally economical with low-cost Ruby on Rails development benefits and agile with most succinct protocols for fast-paced programming.

No wonder, Ruby on Rails is equally embraced by budding startups and big companies.

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Top 6 Ruby On Rails Benefits That Make It Startup-Friendly

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