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The Must-Check Checklist For Hiring The Best Ruby on Rails Developer

Ruby on Rails is acclaimed as a popular web development framework used widely for building web apps. It is particularly popular for developing web apps for startups and small businesses.

Are you a small business?

Are you going to build your own startup?

Well, an app built on Ruby on Rail framework can be ideal for your app. But, it is important to find expert ROR developers.

When you need to Hire Ruby on Rails Development Company, there are several skill considerations you need to go through.

Apart from prior experience and expertise you need to have good communication, technical excellence, a solution focused and result driven approach and exposure to the latest web and technology trends.

Checklist For Hiring ROR Developer 2018

What you need to look for in the hiring Ruby on Rails developer for your web app projects?

Here we provide the checklist of considerations.

  • Mastering The Syntax

For many developers, the main reason to choose Ruby on Rails is the clean syntax and semantics.

Question is, can your chosen developer master the syntax properly?

Does he familiar with all the elementary aspects that constitute the language such as loops, modules, classes, conditional statements, etc? You need to take these considerations seriously.

  • OOP Programming Knowledge

Any Ruby on Rails development expert will agree that RoR as the object-oriented programming language demands in-depth knowledge in OOP terminologies from the developers.

The developer must be frequented and well versed with terminologies like abstraction, polymorphism, encapsulation, and inheritance.

The developer should also be completely frequented with common concepts belonging to object-oriented programming like objects, classes, modules, attributes, and methods.

  • Experience With MVC Pattern

MVC pattern is now common to many web development frameworks.

It plays a key role in building the web UI using Ruby on Rails.

The developers should have prior knowledge and understanding of how the MVC pattern works for the sake of delivering a good app UI structure in an appropriate manner.

  • Good Knowledge Of Templating

For properly applying Ruby codes within an app it is important for the developers to have sound knowledge of templating systems such as ERB or popular Haml.

These template systems actually help programmers implement Ruby code or calculations or references.

  • Understanding Of The Active Record

Among the must-haves for a good Ruby on Rails developer is a clear understanding of how the Active Record in Rails is used and its respective position within the MVC paradigm.

MVC paradigm

A good ROR developer should also have a working knowledge of various concepts like models, migrations, validation, and associations.

  • RSpec Testing

When the developers need to test particular app features, RSpec comes as the most popular and irreplaceable choice for all apps built with Ruby on Rails.

You need to ensure the working knowledge of developers with RSpec testing.

  • Being Familiar With API & JSON

In case the developers need to use Ruby on Rails for building new API, a familiarity and working knowledge of API and JSON format comes as very necessary and handy.

  • Front-End Skills

A Ruby on Rails developer should also be versed in several front-end skills and languages ranging from HTML5 to JavaScript and CSS.

Having a detailed knowledge of the protocols and norms of HTML5 is invaluable for front-end web development.

JavaScript is the second most important web development language.

Any developer building web app must be familiar with the JS library, jQuery and some popular JavaScript frameworks like Spring MVC, JSF, Struts, Hibernate, etc.

CSS which refers to the Cascading Style Sheets is very common front-end language used widely for building web apps.

Having a sound knowledge of CSS is important to master the challenges of UI development.

  • Knowledge and programming skills with Databases

A web developer should also have familiarity with the major database languages and libraries.

In spite of the fact that ActiveRecord utilizes the SQL, developers having in-depth knowledge of SQL will enjoy the better understanding of the logs.

MySQL & PostgreSQL are other two open-source database management systems with huge popularity. The developers with a solid knowledge of these databases can help fast-pacing the development.

In-Depth knowledge of NoSQL database especially comes to your aid when you need to work with a big distributed data set.

Git is a globally popular repository that allows the developers to maintain a complete code deposit just as the local app.

Can you master these tools as well? Great, If you can

Are your developers familiar with some of the top tools for deployment and implementation as well?

In that case, you have an extra edge. Some of the key tools they should know include Jenkins, CI, Vagrant, Prometheus, Capistrano, Docker, and Heroku. The developers should also be able to work with project management software like Asana, Basecamp, Github, Pivotal, Trello, and AceProject. All these tools and software knowledge ensure additional expertise for the ROR developers.

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The Must-Check Checklist For Hiring The Best Ruby on Rails Developer

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