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6 Best Cross-Platform Frameworks to Develop Android and iOS App

Cross-platform app frameworks are definitely one of the best things that have happened in the field of app development. Instead of just one platform, a developer can now develop apps for multiple platforms.

They do not have to write the same source code again and again – it’s therefore extremely time to save and energy efficient.

Though there’s no doubt that people look to Hire React Native mobile app developers to work on such frameworks because they’re highly practical, they’re also quite expensive.

But still, they do have great advantages against the high development costs.

So let’s have a see at some of the best cross-platform app frameworks for develop robust mobile app that are available these days:

React Native is certainly the front runner when it comes to cross-platform app development frameworks.

React Native Development

Its specialty lies in giving the developers an option to write code just one time to be used for both the iOS and Android platform. Due to same code advantage, the development time gets reduced and thus developers can concentrate on another technological aspect of the app development.

The need for writing the code just once thus solves the problem of choosing between Native app development or cross-platform app development.

This framework by Facebook is the best option for budding startup entrepreneurs and small business owners.

  • Flutter

Flutter is another solution for building cross-platform mobile applications. However, what separates flutter from other frameworks is the programming language.


Flutter uses dart whereas react native for instance uses JavaScript as its programming language. In spite of being new and unique to the world of developers, Flutter is giving other frameworks a run for their money due to its wonderful graphical library and smooth performance.

It provides the same native-like experience and gives the users a unique and enhanced app viewing experience.

  • PhoneGap

A cross-platform app framework that has a huge fan following, PhoneGap is also known by the name Apache Cordova. There have been more than 3000 cross-platform mobile apps that this framework has helped to develop.

PhoneGap App

High programming skills are not really a necessity here.

So, to hire developers wouldn’t be entirely necessary. Though, you would need a basic understanding of JavaScript, CSS, and HTML.

Businesses especially love PhoneGap for its versatility, and for offering hassle-free operation because of an increased workflow.

Let’s say a developer has only worked with iOS – they’ll still be allowed to develop apps for Mac using PhoneGap.

Being an open source framework, anyone can use it at no cost at all. On the other hand, though, it doesn’t perform too well with mobile apps and games with high graphics.

And while all plugins are available, many of these are left outdated or aren’t supported anymore.

  • Xamarin

Another fantastic framework, Xamarin is great if you want native apps developed for multiple mobile platforms.

Xamarin uses C# for programming, and developers can easily work with it, just as they do with Objective-C, Java, Swift, etc.

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They can also use the same APIs and languages on different platforms.

Xamarin App

As it lets the developers share about 75% of their developed code across other mobile platforms as well, it saves the mobile application development company a lot of money.

Another benefit is the smooth integration of functionality that Xamarin offers after testing and providing quality assurance.

But, developers still face compatibility issues, when they try to use the open source libraries of Android and iOS platforms.

The development process itself isn’t too easy; therefore it’s good news if you’re thinking to hire developers to build mobile app who would work with Xamarin.

  • Appcelerator Titanium

Appcelerator Titanium uses JavaScript to code. This one is a truly time efficient cross-platform app framework. You can get your prototype app developed within no time, and then you can push it further evaluation using a user interface.

An advantage for developers is that they need to put in zero effort to set up any data models. Appcelerator Titanium’s schema-less store, which also acts as wits database, comes in handy for this purpose.

This framework also has a history of providing very smooth integrations with the existing delivery systems such as SCM and MDM solutions.

Appcelerator Titanium App

But the disadvantage is it being too buggy. Moreover, users are not happy with the support they get from the developers, regarding Appcelerator Titanium.

  • Sencha Touch

This is one other best cross-platform framework that depends upon hardware acceleration techniques.

Any mobile app development company looking to develop and further maintain mobile apps for large enterprises usually goes for Sencha Touch. Built by Sencha Inc, this framework uses HTML5 as its coding language.

Sencha Touch

With Sencha Touch Charts, Sencha Architect, and such other sub-apps Sencha Touch makes it easy for the developers to work. It also makes integration with PhoneGap possible so as to help with accessing native APIs. Though it offers some really amazing themes for all mobile platforms, they are quite limited in number and not available quite easily.

The commercial license of this framework is also not easily understandable. That too makes Sencha Touch difficult to use. A market that is being expected to hit $7.5 million by the next year, it’s awesome to see how various cross-platform development tools are on a rise today.

Final Word

These are all great frameworks, but, you’d have to choose the one that would go great with your business model. So, which is the one that you think could represent your business the best on every major mobile platform available today?

6 Best Cross-Platform Frameworks to Develop Android and iOS App

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