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All You Need to Know About WooCommerce Development

With a big chunk of businesses out there going for WooCommerce to provide them with an eCommerce solution, you too must be looking to hire WooCommerce developers who can give your business the solution it deserves.

And with this platform, you sure won’t have a thing to regret.

But before you render the WooCommerce development services of a company, you must know certain basic things about development on this eCommerce platform.

Therefore, let’s understand some of the most important things you should keep in mind if you’ve decided to go for WooCommerce development:

Use WooCommerce Action and Filter Hook Reference

Just like someone acquainted even with WordPress development would know, there are hooks and filters which are absolutely necessary to make any PHP customizations without changing too much of the core code.

Similarly, WooCommerce has hooks and filters to work with.

Hooks in WooCommerce

That, of course, makes the WooCommerce Action and Filter Hook Reference an essential part of the curriculum of a developer.

You might find it a bit daunting to find exactly the hooks that you’re looking for; therefore to Hire eCommerce Experts – the good ones – is always a great idea.

Treat it Very Much like WordPress

Working with WooCommerce will always give you a feeling of deja-vu if you’ve been into WordPress development before.

And that’s a good thing since both WooCommerce and WordPress are the products of the same web development company – Automatic.

Treat as WordPress

So, whether it’s accessibility, design, or even the PHP Coding Standards part – you have in your hands a ton of knowledge. And you can easily confirm all that information from WordPress to WooCommerce.

You can further get your business a decent set of WooCommerce development services to make yourself more insightful about the process.

Keep Yourself Updated

Keeping abreast of what’s new and what’s trending, is something that you have to do with anything you decide to take up. The same goes for WooCommerce as well.

Update yourself

The platform itself is such a prominent one, that you shouldn’t find it difficult at all to keep a tab on the updates.

You could get them on its official blog or on the official Slack channel where WooCommerce developers from all over like to hang out.

The point is to get the updates before they get announced for the general public so that you have an upper hand – you can then work on the next update, and be ready as soon as the new information is made public.

Learn About Different WooCommerce APIs

Being integrated with the WordPress REST API makes WooCommerce development services open up its avenue to a plethora of coding languages, platforms, as well as solutions.

In addition to the WordPress REST API, it also has APIs of its own, giving the developers a lot to work with, in terms of enhancement and customization.

Learn About WooCommerce

When it comes to value addition to the website, therefore, it is the APIs that you should be keenly aware of, and have a good understanding of.

The Payment Gateway API, the Settings API, as well as the Shipping Method API are easily three of the most important WooCommerce APIs.

Check these out, coupled with the WordPress REST API, and the WooCommerce REST API.


Looking at the points above, it’s easy to hence concur that WooCommerce has won the hearts of one and all, making it one of the most proficient and popular eCommerce platforms out there.

You only need to make use of hooks and filters, take advantage of its similarities with WordPress, Keep yourself updated on what’s new, and understand the WooCommerce APIs; and you’ll be ready with an online presence for your business in no time!

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All You Need to Know About WooCommerce Development

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