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Google Has Released Flutter 1.20 Stable – Let’s See What It’s All About.

Google has recently Flutter 1.20 Stable with new features and developer tools. On August 5, 2020, Google has launched the latest version of 1.20 stable, its cross-platform UI toolkit. The Flutter 1.20 Stable version includes more performance improvements, UI enhancements, visual studio code extension, autofill for mobile text fields, etc.

The latest version of Flutter 1.20 has almost 5485 closed problems and 3029 combined PRs from 359 contributors from across the globe.

So, what’s new in the latest Flutter 1.20 stable version?

Let’s see which newly added features are there in the latest version Flutter 1.20 for the Flutter app developers.

Performance improvements

Here are some of the performance improvements that Google has made in the new 1.20 version.

  • Google has included a performance fix for tree-shake-icons, which are default while building non-web apps. This new feature reduces the size of your app by removing the icons that are not in use.
  • Improved the performance in web-based microbenchmarks by as much as 15x.
  • Google has also added support for mouse cursors, which are there in commonly used widgets.
  • It has also come up with improved decoding speed of dart’s UTF-8 decoder in Dart 2.9.

Autofill for mobile text fields

In every Flutter app, the most preferred feature is the support for the text autofill. All the developers prefer it for Flutter mobile app development.

With Flutter 1.20, Google has fulfilled all the requirements of the developers and added key functionality. You will be pleased to know that Google has started to add this mobile text autofill functionality for web pages as well.

Dart dev tools in Visual Studio code

The new version of Flutter has a new Visual studio code extension that brings Dev tools into the visual studio code extension in Flutter 1.20. Developers can enable this feature using the dart. preview Embedded Dev Tools settings.

Interactive widget

Flutter 1.20 version has the all-new interactive widget, which helps the designers to build and apply interactive elements on your app like Drag and Drop Zoom, and others.

The API documentation for this widget is accessible only when the developers delve into the widget building process.

Updated material slider, RangeSlider, TimePicker, and DatePicker

With new widgets, this new version also includes several updated widgets such as slider and range slider. Datepicker has also been included for a new compact design as well as support for date ranges. The time picker also has an entirely new style in the latest release.

Updated Network Page

The latest version of Dart Dev Tools has an upgraded version of the network page that allows web socket profiling. The network page includes timing data to the network calls from your application. It also includes other data like content type and status.

Updating import statements of file rename

Another new Flutter 1.20 feature in the stock for visual studio code is updating imports or rename, which gets updates import statements when the files are moved or renamed. Currently, this feature works only for single files, but soon the support for multiple files will also be updated.

Tooling metadata

One more update to mention is the new Flutter tooling. The latest version has a new project on GitHub to capture and publish metadata about the Flutter app framework. It provides machine-readable data files.

Other changes

Apart from the updates and features mentioned above, there are several other new features and developer tools in the new Flutter 1.20 version. Some of these are new responsive license page available in the about Dialog, a new pubspec.

YAML format requirement for new or updated Flutter plugins, support for updating import statements automatically when files are moved or removed in visual studio code, etc.

According to Google, Flutter 1.20 is the biggest Flutter release so far, and there is a lot to come in the future. They are still working on adding some new and advanced features such as the new updated version of maps, ads, new WebView plugins, advanced tools, and more.

Google is also working on other improvements, such as building better desktop and web support on Linux.

Final Words

With all these new features and added functions, Flutter is powerful than ever. If you are thinking of building a Flutter app for your business, now is the right time. Wouldn’t it be fun to have all these added features and tools in your app?

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