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How does this Custom Shopify App for Monogramming Works? Let’s have a look!

So, this is a customized Shopify app of a live store for monogramming. It allows you to customize the font, the color, and the characters you want to be printed on the products you want to customize.

This Shopify app gives you the freedom to customize your product as per your needs and requirements. This app is for all the Shopify store owners out there who wish to customize their products and sell them to the customers as per their requirements. The app provides great features and options for customizing the products and making them unique for every customer.

customizing the products

Here are the steps to customize your product on this app

  • Step1 – You can Choose a Font

In this step, you can choose the font for the characters you want to be printed on the product you choose. This app has several attractive fonts to choose from.

Choose a font

You will find the fonts when you click on “add custom Monogramming”. There are eight fonts in total to choose from.

  • Step 2 – You can Choose a Color

This is the second step in which you can choose the color of the characters you want to print on the product. There are various color options available to choose from.

Choose a color

Choose from the vibrant colors available and make your product uniquely customized.

  • Step 3 – Type the Characters you Want to be Printed

This Shopify monogramming app allows you to enter up to 3 characters to be printed on the products.

Type the characters

You can type the characters you want and click on ‘preview’ to see how it looks like. Then click on the ‘confirm’ to proceed further.

Once you are done with choosing the font, color, and characters, you can select the quantity of the product and place the order. We will take care to fulfill your customized requirements and meet your expectations.

fulfil your customized requirements

The whole purpose of this monogramming app is to make your customers feel special. People like to buy customized products and they feel special when they know that the product is uniquely made for them. This monogramming Shopify app will make such unique products that will bring a smile to customers’ faces.

We make sure to serve you with quality products that will leave an impression. So, if you want to customize the products for customers, this Shopify monogramming app can help you with it. Reach out to us today!

How does this Custom Shopify App for Monogramming Works? Let’s have a look!

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