6 Awesome Mobile Application Development Trends to Look Out For in 2018!

Mobile apps have been the cornerstone of most of the inventions since their inception. And we’re so not surprised! Because everything we seem to do – our mobile devices are somehow always there to aid us in one or the other way. We just can’t live without them.

So, why not make them better?

That’s what every mobile app development company is out there trying to do; that’s why these companies are out to hire mobile app developers – the best of them – to come up with innovative ideas.

And in that sense, this past year hasn’t disappointed at all. It’s been such a good year for tech advancements in the field of mobile applications, that we’re sure 2018 has been eagerly waiting to ride this tech ride!

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Let’s take a look at 6 of the most amazing mobile application development trends that this new year you should be on the lookout for:

Mobile App Development Trends 2018

  • Which is a Better Reality? The Real one or the Augmented One?

Augmented reality is one such feature that has changed how we look at the world of mobile apps.

The last year saw both Apple and Google make it big with AR by launching ARKit and ARCore, respectively.

VR vs AR Reality

These robust platforms have made an important foray into the developer’s community who are ready to unleash their creative energies into developing their next applications. AR is a huge hit amongst developers and users alike, and we’re sure we’ll only be looking at more of it, the coming years.

  • Aren’t Wearable Apps Just Awesome!

Yes, they are!

What is making the newest watches and other wearable’s smart?

The answer is – it’s the mobile application development company that they’re related to!

Wearable Apps

Apple has brought us this amazing wave of wearable technology that connects with the iPhone and other devices, accesses the data, synchronizes to the T, and helps us live in an easy, better, and more seamless fashion.

Is the upcoming year going to see more of it? We bet it’s not just going to be more, but better as well.

  • We’re constantly looking at the Internet of Things!


Well, almost. We say that because IoT has essentially made a merger between everything that’s not IT with IT.

Internet of things

With things that were not expected to be controlled or monitored through IoT devices, people are now simply ready to hire mobile app developers to do the same for them today.

There are a bundle of devices today that can be easily relied upon a mobile device to have data syndicated, and to be automated, and monitored.

The year 2018 can only expect to have it get better from here!

  • The Newest Currency in the Town!

We’ve had the pleasure of knowing Cryptocurrency for a little while now, and it has easily been one of the most interesting and unique experiences getting to understand it.

New Cryptocurrency

With Bitcoin being the frontrunner of this amazing concept, the world of transactions has been up for a new kind of ride.

No more are cashless transactions just about online wallets, or net banking, or credit and debit cards.

The new kind of digital transaction is all about the concept of cash itself getting a total facelift!

There is a sleuth of Blockchain-based payment applications that are on a rise, and the coming year is going to be no exception to this phenomenon.

  • Or Maybe It’s Not Reality; Artificial Intelligence Might Be Better!

The technology itself is so amazing, that we are not surprised how almost every mobile app development company is always trying to tap however much it can from this tech pool.

Artificial Intelligence

We have Chatbots, and we have Siri; we have these products and applications that literally speak to us, that answer our questions, synchronize all our data, work as excellent task managers, or even better – personal assistants for us!

What we used to call ‘personalized experience’ – the definition has seen a total revamp in the last few years, and the coming years are only going to strengthen this new definition.

  • When Loading a Web page Got Lazier!

That heading might be a little misleading. But, let us explain.

Who likes to wait indefinitely for a web page to load on their mobile devices?

We’re sure, no one. And just when we thought this problem was here to stay, Google came out with an awesome solution.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) – a project that has Google working with Twitter – has made sure that a faster and better responsive mobile version of a web page is created in our phones.

And just so that people don’t get desperate if it still takes a lot of time, another concept called Lazy Loading was brought into existence.

So, even if we can’t have the whole page loaded in time, we can at least have it displayed simultaneously while it gets loaded. How cool is that!

These are a few of our favorite trends that mobile application development has been witness to in 2017, and has 2018 waiting desperately to see what happens next with them.

With these existing apps showing so much promise, and developers showing a lot of creative strength and skill till now, we can feel excitement brewing in the air – for what new the upcoming year bring!

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6 Awesome Mobile Application Development Trends to Look Out For in 2018!

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