How Important is UI/UX Design in Mobile App Development?

The answer to the question ‘how important’ is clearly ‘extremely so’. Why would a person use an app that hasn’t been designed according to their comfort? Why would a user trust a product, if the mobile app selling it is giving them a hard time?

Why would someone even go through an app if they don’t find it attractive enough, or too slow, or just downright badly designed?

An app is one of the quickest and easiest ways for someone to connect with a brand, it would be a grave mistake to not take app designing process seriously enough.

Designing and developing an app without stressing on an impeccably designed user interface and a brilliantly developed user experience would be a sheer waste of time.

A good UI/UX design help draw in traffic, keeps the users engaged, and therefore has a direct implication on boosting the conversion rate for a business.

What’s User Interface?

The user interface is all about how a mobile application looks like, and how does it feel to the users while interacting with it. The role of a user interface in mobile app design is majorly about the app’s presentation.

User Interface of Mobile App

Therefore the UI designer faces the responsibility of thinking from the end user’s point of view while working on the graphic design of the app.

What’s User Experience?

User experience literally means what it says – it’s the experience of the users while they interact with their mobile apps.

It depends a lot on the UX that how a mobile application development company makes the end-users trust in the app and finally the product or business that the app represents.

User Experience of Mobile App

The key to designing a worthy UX is to make the app simple and easy to understand and use. A lot of research regarding the product, its industry, and its target audience in order to build mobile apps that feature a brilliant user experience.

Here are a few pointers on how mobile app developers can make the UI/UX design a more attractive one for the end-users:

  • Make the users familiarize themselves with the app. So, don’t use a lot of different icons and color schemes. A person should be able to instantly identify a mobile app with the brand that it is for.
  • Keep the visuals simpler, and the language even simpler. You don’t want the users to get all wound up in the jargon or use a manual to know how your app works.
  • Mobile app developers must design a neat workflow for their mobile apps, comprehending the actions of the end-users, thus making the experience a more interactive one for the user and simplifying the whole process for them.
  • In the case of buttons or toggles in an app, know that shadows and gradients have a very important role to play. You can make excellent 3D buttons by adding the right effects which would make the interface look more natural, further enhancing the user experience.
  • As a developer, you should be aiming at your users requiring less effort and a lesser amount of time to use your application. The navigation in your app should have an element of simplicity to it, and the best way to do it is having less clutter in your app as possible.

The Bottom Line

We can safely conclude by saying that an outstanding UI/UX design offers distinct advantages to a mobile app, with respect to those that haven’t paid much attention to these features.

The expectations of a user begin as soon as they lay eyes on the interface, and your way to keep those expectations up is to provide them with an awesome experience.

It is your designing competence and your level of comprehension of your own target audience that will act as the most important tools for you to design an ideal UI/UX for your mobile app.

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How Important is UI/UX Design in Mobile App Development?

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