Business Plan Models to Help You Decide Which Suits Your App The Best

One of the important and difficult tasks for any mobile app development company is to make a strategy which accomplishes their aim of creating good apps and to increase their business revenue. There’s no doubt that the mobile app market grows rapidly as smartphone sales reaching its peak point.

Mobile apps become an important part of people’s lives, that’s why it is a key factor to generate high revenue. However, which can make it tough and confusing to choose which business plan model is right for you.

Here we providing you a list of business plan models to help you decide which suits your app the best.

  • Premium business model

It is the most straightforward model: simply develop your app and sell it. If users want to use, they have to pay first to download the app. Selling your app is the simplest way to generate revenue for your business.

  • Freemium model

This model is totally different from the first one but it includes the premium model. It is a combo of free and premium.

The company offers a free version of the app first to gather more visitors and users; once the goal is completed it delivers the next version as paid with more features to generate revenue. So, this one is a good approach to get the number of users as well as to earn more revenue.

  • In-App advertising

In-App advertising model offers a better opportunity to increase revenue by targeting the right audience at the right time.

Selling advertising in your app can be a good way, but this only works if your app has hundreds and thousands or more of customers.

  • In-App purchasing

Just because an app is free that doesn’t mean it won’t cost user. Yes, it will cost them. A Company provides an app for free, but if the customers want any additional features or functionality for the app, they need to pay for it.

For example, goods or items in games, or removal of in-app advertisements, etc. can generate revenue for you.

  • The subscription-based app model

Rather than selling your app individually, it allows you to sell it periodically (yearly/quarterly /monthly etc). The user can consume all the services by subscribing to them.

This model also permits free app, i.e. a free version of an app is available, but after some time user has to pay for full service. This is the most preferring model of delivering tools, content and program functionality to users.

Final Words

However, the most important factor apart from all that highly affects your business revenue is “Customer satisfaction”.

So, your choice of a business plan model doesn’t have to be limited to only given options. There is a number of business models and the ways you can use them. With an aforementioned list, we’ve tried our best to help you to analyze the facts that are required to build a good mobile app.

If you’re going to use any one of them, share your experience with us. Leave your comments below.

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Business Plan Models to Help You Decide Which Suits Your App The Best

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