Metizsoft Shopify Unite 2018 Journey and New Updates in a Glimpse!

So, finally, We Are Coming Back from Shopify Unite 2018 Journey! We can not express what expression we have as of now. It is a sort of mixed emotions.

Like we are really happy that we got to enjoy a lot in Unite but at the same time, it is sad that we are back.

Anyway, we are writing this mail and sending it to you so that we can keep you updated with the latest updates and happenings with Shopify.

How was our experience with Shopify Unite 2018? Oh! And we do meet our clients around the US and Canada every year when we take off for Unite.

Like every year, this year too, we enjoyed it a lot.

Not just the scenarios:

metizsoft shopify unite 2018-1

But also the people associated with Shopify:

metizsoft shopify unite 2018-2

And developers, designers, entrepreneurs:

Developers & Entrupters

And the events:

metizsoft shopify unite 2018-4

And Food:

And Food

Important Updates & Latest Changes in Shopify this Year:

There were some marvelous as well as not greatly interesting updates brought in to Shopify stores this year by Shopify Inc.

What were those updates and how may your Shopify store lit up sales using those?

(We will be revealing just the important points, rest you can ask us personally in detail or you may find it in the official Shopify blog)

Merchant Marketing Section 

Business is nothing without marketing. So is your Shopify store. Over the years, a lot of store owners have been trapped in switching tabs from store login to paid ads and from paid ads to store login.

Merchant Marketing Solutions

This is going to end now for Shopify store owners. The new Merchant Marketing Section in the admin will allow you to do a lot of things related to marketing within Shopify admin.

To know more about all the updates in detail, Visit What’s New at Shopify Unite 2018

Shopify Ping App 

Talk to your customers and visitors to the store directly with the all-new Shopify Ping App.

Shopify Ping App

Integrate it with FB messenger or any other chat application, and get set go! Though this does not seem really impressive and innovative, this app has a lot more to offer than chats. Go and explore.

New Discount Types 

Buy One Get One Free?

You can do it now easily with the help of all New Discount Types.

buy one get one free

After all, ‘Sale’ is a really, really, effective word to generate more sales and to attract customers. Make sure you do it ethically!

Tap & Chip Reader Device 

Apple Pay?

Google Pay?

Nah. We like Tap & Chip Reader device.

Do we need to explain anything else?

It is just like other payment applications used via devices to pay via credit cards by a simple touch. One Simple Touch- payment is done.

Tap and Chip Reder

Shopify POS Returns and Exchanges 

Selling in person?

This new Shopify POS Multichannel Returns and Exchanges will help you accept returns and exchanges in-store from customers who purchased either in-store or online.

Shopify POS

Shipping Pickups

For US-based store owners, shipping pickups is going to be a bit hassle-free.

With the new Shipping Pickups, you will be able to schedule pickups for UPS and DHL shipments in a timely manner. No more waiting in queues!


Shopify Payments will from now on be able to display product listing prices and will help the visitor/buyer to check out and pay in his/her local currency.

Shopify Payment Multi Currency

So, from now on, you can easily sell your product not just in your country or state, but across the world.

The most prominent effect we see in this update is Increasing Sales if you have got a really unique and quality-driven product at an affordable cost.

There’s a lot more to explore and in detail in the official Shopify Blog. Go out there and explore.

Let us know if you are unable to get something. After all, we were there live when all this was unrevealed- so we know a bit more about these updates and devices!

Summing Up

All in all, it was a great experience in terms of the journey as well as the knowledge we gained. It was awesome to meet fresh minds, our beloved clients, and to profoundly look into a completely different culture and mindset.

It was a pleasure to be a part of Shopify and the community. We have been working with Shopify as official Shopify Experts and Partners since 2013, and we owe a lot of success to them.

The latest updates and new methods, functions, and some devices such as POS and Tap & Chip reader are something to really look forward to. With a growing user base of Shopify store owners as well as online customers, they had to come up with solutions to ease the process for Shopify store owners as well as online buyers.

I hope these new changes will bring a revolution in the eCommerce industry and it will change the way Shopify store owners sell their stuff and it will also change the views of online buyers.

All we have to say as of now is that- We want to go once again. Please, somebody, make them organize ‘Unite’ again!

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Metizsoft Shopify Unite 2018 Journey and New Updates in a Glimpse!

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