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Shopify Checkout App Development – How To Optimize The Checkout Experience?

According to a recent study, 70% of the shopping carts are abandoned. With the remaining 30%, half of them are again abandoned at the checkout stage which means that the majority of the customers left without making any purchase and without spending any penny.

In the recent world of increasing competition, it is important to retain customers and build the trust of your company in their eyes. In order to achieve that, you have to provide a great user experience to the customers.

The main goal of an eCommerce business is to get the maximum conversions. ECommerce retailers are constantly looking towards tactics to improve the customer’s experience inside the store.

When conversions play such an important role, the business is customizing their eCommerce websites to provide frictional Commerce and optimized checkout.

How is the checkout made on a Shopify Website?

Following are the steps a customer has to follow in order to make a final payment on a checkout page on a Shopify website.

  • The first step is to fill in the shipping information where you have to give your proper delivery address.
  • In the next step, the customer chooses the appropriate shipping method.
  • After this step, a customer has to choose their preferred payment method- debit/credit card, mobile wallets, cash on delivery, net banking, etc.
  • After this, an order preview is generated.
  • In the last step, when the order is finally placed, a ‘thank you’ page will be delivered to the customers.

These were the steps that all the customers go through while making the payments on a Shopify website. But many times customers leave the page without making payments and that is what you have to fix.

checkout process in shopify

There might have been several reasons behind abandoned shopping carts, so you must find them and work on improving and enhancing the checkout process on a Shopify website.

We will discuss some of the ways to enhance the checkout experience in Shopify. Let us begin!

  • Address Suggestion

One of the latest and great additions to your checkout can be addressed suggestion feature. This feature will allow you to show the possible full address suggestion to the customers based on the first word of their address.

address suggestion feature

With the help of this feature, the customer will be able to fill the address field faster and will not take a lot of time. This feature gives a good experience to the customer.

  • Provide Multiple Payment Gateways

With multiple payment methods, you make it easy for the customers to pay as they want to.

multiple payment methods

Every good Shopify website should have multiple payment gateways such as debit/credit card, mobile wallets such as Google Pay, Paytm, PhonePe, etc., internet banking, cash, and card on delivery, etc. providing all these methods will make it easy for the customers to make payments and choose their preferred method easily.

  • Providing Better UI

You can improve the experience of your users by providing them better and improved user experience with your checkout page. Many of the websites use colorful, 2-3 column layouts to provide the users with a better shopping experience.

You can also add stepwise tabs that keep the customers aware of where he is and keep them motivated about completing the transaction.

  • Offering and Displaying Discounts

A great way to encourage customers to complete the payment and make a purchase is by offering them some discounts. You can provide automated discounts that appear in the order summary and can be applied to the product during the checkout.

This is a great way to optimize the checkouts and retain customers. It will also create a nice image of your business in the customer’s eyes and they will surely come back again.

  • Affordable Shipping Charges

Another thing which customers don’t like often is high shipping charges. We are not saying don’t charge any shipping fee but charge an affordable shipping fee.

Sometimes when the shipping fee or the delivery charges are too high, the customer gets irritated and might even leave the site.

Do not charge any shipping fee when the customer has purchased in bulk. Similarly, charge according to the amount of the things they have purchased.

It can really help you convince the customer to make the payments on the checkout page.

  • Use Appealing Badges to Win the Trust

To win the trust of the customers and to make them feel secure, you can add badges to your checkout page.

The checkout page becomes more appealing when a badge is added to it. These badges are like a trust seal on your eCommerce website. It really works in your favor as it also helps in driving more revenue from the existing traffic.

We discussed some of the ways you can reduce shopping cart abandonment during checkout. With some efforts, you can win the trust of the customer and increase the conversions.

Hire Shopify Experts for the Checkout App Development

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We have a team of Shopify Experts who have expertise in optimizing the checkout experience of the customers and provide easy and safe checkout to the customers. Hire our Shopify developers today and optimize your checkout and increase your site’s conversions.

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Shopify Checkout App Development – How To Optimize The Checkout Experience?

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